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We're ready to shape your confidence. Certified CoolSculpting & Hydrafacial Practice.
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Our Services

Follow Up Care
CoolSculpting ONLY patients. Please be sure to schedule a post-treatment follow-up so that we may track your progress. We can't wait to see your beautiful results!
Free CoolSculpting Consultation
Determine if you're a candidate. Discuss goals and health assessment. Determine treatment plan and cost. Our location hosts two Specialized Providers under one roof - Platinum Sculpt CoolSculpting & Hydrafacial BG. Creating gorgeous skin and beautiful bodies is all we do!
Take your glow to the next level with exfoliation and resurfacing. Remove debris from pores and nourish skin while infusing with antioxidants and peptides to maximize skin's radiance. Non-invasive and gentle. Our Certified Hydrafacial Expert will guide you every step of the way.
Hold My Treatment Day!
Select this option when you've already had a consultation and you're ready to move forward. We will contact you to collect a down payment. Please note that deposits for CoolSculpting treatments are non-refundable. We look forward to helping you achieve your best body!
BOGO Back-to-School Signature Hydrafacial Special
BOGO! Buy one Signature Hydrafacial get the second one for 50% off. Normally $199 per treatment. Back-to-School Special for a limited time. Use one for yourself, give one to a friend. Or, use both for yourself.
Lymphatic Drain
Reduce inflammation, encourage healing, help move along and drain fluids, open up channels. Relaxing and beneficial aesthetic procedure.

Our Staff

Certified CoolSculpting Expert
Our Certified CoolSculpting Experts bring the best care to Platinum Sculpt. We are experts in the art of cryolipolysis and results driven. Soothing bedside manner and superior results under the guidance of Board Certified Medical Director, Dr. Michael Mays
Hydrafacial Expert
Our Licensed Aestheticians are Hydrafacial Certified delivering the best quality and care for the most valuable asset you have - your face. Be prepared to feel pampered and experience a glow like no other. Men and women alike benefit long-term from the non-invasive therapy of world leading Hydrafacial.