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Beard Trim with Razor Line Up (Beyond the Buzz)

This is a Full Service Beard Trim including Cutting The Length of Beard if Desired and Shaping/Trimming the Beard with Clippers/Trimmers and also a Straight Razor Outline with Neck hair Clean Up. A Fresh Steamed Hot Towel and Pre-Shave Oils/SkinTonic or Shave Gel used in Service as Needed.Finish with Aftershave and Lotion.

$25 路 1 hour


This is a Haircut or Regular Fade with a Special Discount Rate to Show Appreciation for All US Military Veterans and First Responders. This is Also a Special Discount Rate for College Students with Valid Student ID.

$20 路 45 minutes

Gentlmans Haircut

This is a Regular Classic Gentleman's Haircut to achieve desired Length on Both on Top and Sides of Head. Hair is tapered around ears,back and or Sideburns as Necessary to Achieve desired mens grooming hair style.

$20 路 45 minutes

Line-Up Only (Non-Haircut)

Hair Line Up or Clean Up Service Only! This is a Non-Haircut and is only meant for the Perimeter or Outline of Haircut or Beard as Needed. Regular Trimmers Used Razor Upon Request Only!

$15 路 30 minutes

Kids Haircut (12&Under)

Regular Kids Haircut or Fade Only. No Razor Fade! **(Special Safety Note)** Barber Reserves The Right to Refuse or Stop Service if Small Child is Not Able to Facilitate Completion of Haircut in Reasonable Time Cooperate in Barber Chair or Allow Service due to safety reasons.

$20 路 45 minutes

Shave VIP (Straight Razor)

Classic Straight Razor Face Shave Including Pre-Shave Oil,Skin Tonic Shave Gel, with Hot Steam Towel Service to Soften the Hair. Service will include a Barber "Rest Facial Massage" with Moisturizing Lotion and After Shave as Needed.

$30 路 45 minutes

Shave (Straight Razor)

This is a Traditional Straight Razor Face Shave. Pre-Shave Oil, Skin Tonic,Shave Gel and Hot Towel used during service. Shave includes Barber "Rest Facial Massage" After Shave and Lotion as Needed.

$35 路 45 minutes

Design Lines (Simple)

2 Options

Head Shave-Full (w/Straight Razor)

Full Head Shave with a Straight Razor,(Electric Foil Upon Request) including Pre-Shave Oil,Skin Tonic, Hot Steam Towel and After Shave and Moisturizing Lotion.

$40 路 1 hour

Buzz Cut (Simple!)

This is a Simple Regular Short Haircut desired to cut clients hair shorter to one even length all over. This not a fade or haircut with shorter to longer transition

$20 路 30 minutes

Fade (Regular)

Regular Fade Haircut with Transition from shorter to Longer. Clients Choice of Low,Mid or High Length Fade Upon Request. Fade Haircut is include with Natural Hair Line Clean Up or Razor Line Up Nape of Neck and Sideburns. After Shave,Skin Tonic and Lotion Used as Needed.

$25 路 45 minutes

Razor Fade

This is a Haircut Using Traditional Barber Straight Razor and Other Barber Tools and Implements including Preshave Oil, Shave Gel, Hot Towel SkinTonic, After Shave Lotion to create a Skin Close Low,Mid or High Transition Razor Fade.If You Like the feel of an Old School Straight Razor and A traditional barber experience,this is a great choice.

$30 路 1 hour


Marc Villagran