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Facial-"Express Hydrafacial Series Package"

A series of 6 Express Hydrafacial treatments using Hydrafacials 3 step treatment & Glysal Booster. No Facial Mask or Massage will be included in this treatment

$900 路 20 minutes

Facial-Dekuxe Hydrafacial

Everything our Signature Hydrafacial protocol has to offer plus bonus boosters: "Dermabuilder" & "Britenol". An additional treatment with PERK Eye or Lip enhancement. (Comes with a take home product)

$260 路 1 hour

Facial-Platinum Hydrafacial

Everything our Signature Hydrafacial offers, plus bonus boosters Britenol and Dermabuilder, plus a Designer Booster of choice (please refer to webpage for choices and description) & LED light therapy.

$325 路 1 hour 20 minutes

Facial-"Hydrafacial Keravive"

3 month series for a Healthy Scalp. Treats all types of scalp issues by providing a deep cleansing and serum infusion. Dandruff, excema, dermatitis, psoriasis and clogged follicles are no match. Leave with a take home daily treatment. We recommend Mediceuticals hair therapy as a part of your journey & it's available for purchase separately. Treatment includes: Shampoo, deep cleansing with Beta HD, infusion of Keravive Hair serum, & application of Keravive Hair treatment with a scalp massage. All followed with LED light therapy. Introductory offer at $1200.00; normally $1800.00

$1,200 路 1 hour 15 minutes

Facial-Perk Lip or Eye Revitalizing treatment

Can only be added to hydrafacial treatments or facials. Not a stand alone service, and cannot be booked on its own. Please read full description on webpage.

$65 路 20 minutes

Facial-"24Karat Gold Facial"

A 24K enhanced Facial with 99.9% 24Karat Gold application & Australian Sheep Placenta Hydrojelly Mask. A detoxifying, brightening, rejuvenating, toning facial for Aging Skin, dull, uneven and Sagging. Rich in minerals & assists in cell generation. ( Facial can be sensitive on your skin if you have a sensitivity to minerals)

$160 路 1 hour 20 minutes

Facial-"Customized for Me Facial"

A Customized Facial for all Skin Types, designed to address all your needs in this facial. I can choose your destination or you can choose your path: 1-2 choices may be included in your facial: Please choose if you have a specific request. Dermaplaning, Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion, Sonosilk Deep cleansing, Cryotherapy Facial Massage or High FrequencyFacia; ioncludes a Facial massage and Neck & Shoulder

$115 路 1 hour

Facial-"I'm Not Aging Gracefully"

Ladies 50 & older enjoy a firming facial including a neck and decolletage treatment using stem cell therapy. A correction treatment that turns back the hands of time. LED LIGHT THERAPY focuses on firming, loss of elasticity, fine lines & wrinkles. MICRO-CURRENT to tone and tighten the areas of need. Includes a face, neck and shoulder massage

$160 路 1 hour 20 minutes

Facial-"Nano-Pen Facial"

Nano-pen, unlike microneedling or nano-microneedling uses a pharmaceutical grade mono-crystalline silicone pyramid tip. Each tip is formed into a grid like pattern, smaller than a single strand of human hair, making it non allergenic. This treatment only works on the stratum corneum, and does not draw blood. Works on fine lines , wrinkles, skin tone and discolorations, and texture. Excellent if you are looking to improving your overall luminosity of your skin. Zero downtime. Facial comes with a MASQUE, LED LIGHTING and your choice of a hand or foot massage.

$180 路 1 hour 20 minutes

Facial-"Peel Series Facial"

A Package series treatment meant to be booked once a week for four weeks. This is not a spa facial, but designed for the client that wants to work on texture, pore size, pigmentation and collagen and tone. You will experience dryness and possible skin peeling in areas that are around the mouth, eyes, cheeks and nasal labial areas. Minor break out could occur if underlying bacteria is present, and not to be counted as a negative reaction. Like all professional facials, please use clinical grade products to maintain your results.

$260 路 20 minutes

Facial-"Refresher Peel Facial"

A one time Peel Blended facial designed to be a quick pick me up for your skin. You may experience bouts of dryness around the eyes, nasal labial, cheekbones and mouth. This is not a spa facial, but designed to give your skin that pick up it needs without the fluff. Facial includes a cleansing, exfoliation & Peel. No facial massage, but a quick neck and shoulder while peel is setting.

$75 路 20 minutes

Facial-"Spa-licious Facial"

A Indulgent facial using Aromatherapy facial massage with Katari or Vitality Oils. Cryo-therapy Facial massage using a Rose Quart Facial roller is used to detox and refine your skin. Topped with a full face Rose Quartz Stone Mask to calm, cool, work on capillary damage and refresh your skin. Your Heart Shakra is in love. This is a very relaxing facial focusing on bringing the spa to you. Calm your senses and award your heart

$110 路 50 minutes

Facial-My Teen Facial " 13- 16yrs"

A facial designed and customized for you. Do not book this facial if you are not in this age group.

$75 路 30 minutes

Enhancement-Additional massage time

want just a little longer shoulder, neck, hand or foot massage. Please list area of concern in appointment notes

$10 路 15 minutes

Enhancement-Aromatherapy Oil Booster

Enhance your facial with a Aromatherapy Oil Booster in your massage. Oils by Katari & Vitality are hand picked by your esthetician based on your skin type. Can be added to "I'm not Aging Gracefully" & "24 Karat Gold Facial"

$10 路 5 minutes

Enhancement- Collagen Foot Mask

A collagen infused Foot therapy mask to battle dry tough skin. Hyaluronic Acid & a Repairing Cream seals in the hydration benefits. Can be added to any facial.

$15 路 10 minutes

Enhancement- Collagen Hand Mask

A Collagen infused hand therapy mask to battle aging hands. Concentrated Hyaluronic Acid & a Reparing Hand Cream seals your benefits. Can be added to any facial

$15 路 10 minutes


May be included in "Customized for Me Facial" Can be added to most facials

$50 路 20 minutes


More than basic extractions

$20 路 15 minutes

Enhancement-Facial Cupping

A facial massage using silicone cups to therapeutically massage your facial muscles. May be used to lymphatic drain, tone or lift your facial areas. Cannot be added to "Peel Series Facial" or "Refresher Peel Facial", & all "Hydrafacial Treatments"

$20 路 15 minutes

Enhancement-Hydrafacial Deep Cleansing Step

Activ-4 Deep Cleanse step from Hydrafacial MD. Step would deeply clean your skin & can be added to any facial to enhance.

$50 路 15 minutes

Enhancement-Hydrafacial Deep Hydration

Antiox+ Step of Hydrafacial MD. A deep hydration that will penetrate levels of dehydrated skin types. An amazing enhancement to any facial to boost your moisture

$50 路 15 minutes

Enhancement-Hydrafacial Pore Cleansing

Beta HD Pore cleansing step of Hydrafacial MD. This will add an extra benefit of extractions, while cleaning out blackheads and white heads.

$50 路 15 minutes

Enhancement-HydroJelly Facial Mask

Hydro Jelly is the newest generation of peel off masks. Infused with electrolytes, Botanicals, & Algae. There is nothing else like it out there. This addition will replace the original mask in any facial, enhancing your service further.

$20 路 10 minutes


Finish your facial with a flawless finish, that heals and conceals. Color matched

$20 路 10 minutes

Enhancement-LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy ( Light emitting diode therapy) is used for many conditions with the aid of varying wavelengths of light. A FDA cleared treatment & medically proven to help reduce visible signs of aging & sun-damage. Control acne and heal the skin.

$20 路 20 minutes

Enhancement-Micro Current Eye & Lip Lift

Looking just to tone, lift & Contour your assets in your face, your lips & eyes. Micro current is used to train your muscles in a specific area, giving you a younger refreshed look

$30 路 20 minutes

Enhancement-Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion

May be Included in "Customized for Me Facial" can be added ""I'm not Aging Gracefully", "Spa-Licious Facial" & "24 Karat Gold Facial"

$20 路 15 minutes

Enhancement-SonoSilk Deep Cleansing

A Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber that exfoliates, peels, infuses & rejuvenates. Ultrasound vibrations is used to break apart water molecules to keep the skin moistened while exfoliating. Blue LED light is used during the process to aid in combating bacteria and reduce build up in your pores. A great addition to any facial for a deeper clean. May be included in "Customized for Me Facial" Can be added to any facial exception Hydrafacials

$20 路 15 minutes

Waxing Eyebrows Maintenance

For my clients who continue to maintain, must not wait more than 8 weeks between waxing. Includes trimming and reshaping if needed.

$25 路 25 minutes

Waxing Virgin EyeBrows

For new clients that hasn't waxed in a while or at all. Where growth is full grown and your original waxing has disappeared. Starting from scratch

$35 路 30 minutes

Waxing Lip

Bottom and top of lip included

$10 路 10 minutes

Waxing underarms

Full removal of underarm hair

$20 路 10 minutes