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Style Consultation

Enjoy a free 60 min-Discussion via zoom call/ or in-person to discuss the look that you're interested in building, image/brand. Speak about the pain points of your look you currently have. Develop a strategy on how to accomplish that goal. Mood board not included.

$50 · 30 minutes

Photo Styling

$250 deposit saves your date and includes the mood board which goes towards the full total fee. ($250 deposit is nonrefundable) The deposit goes toward the final payment Discussing the idea and theme of the shoot prior to the actual shooting day in regards to: Sourcing the garments for the shoot Altering pieces Creating custom pieces Myself being on set assisting

Final prices varies by client needs- deposit goes toward final payment $250 · 8 hours

Virtual Styling

$100 Deposit saves your date and includes the mood board which goes towards the total fee. ($100 deposit is nonrefundable) Full fee depends on the client needs Discussion about the details of the look, an emailed short style quiz. Then via video conference call proceed with coordinating the desired look.

Final prices varies by client needs- deposit goes toward final payment $100 · 4 hours

Virtual Closet Audit

$100 deposit saves your date, which goes towards the total fee. ($100deposit is nonrefundable) The total fee depends on the clients' needs. Prior to the day of the audit- a discussion of the closet condition, goals wanting to get out of this audit, being that of a detox/ cleanse new outfit coordinations or a total upgrade- as well as a style quiz to get know your style goals Via video chat Figure out wants, needs, and let go's. Putting together outfits you never knew you had Depose/ donate items Digital/ Physical lookbook available with extra cost

Final prices varies by client needs- deposit goes toward final payment $100 · 2 hours 30 minutes

Style Party

A night of fun, open conversations of: Owning our insecurities Building Confidence Styling demonstrations Fun fashion treats Review of staples vs trends Closing with a better understanding of loving and owning yourself, while looking good doing it! _______________________________________________ Hostess duties: Invite your fun girlfriends -Provide treats and drinks Hostess Rewards Receive a goodie bag "kissed by BO" style -30% off any service or -30% off any product In the comforts of your house ***I always bring a bottle of wine***

$100 · 2 hours 30 minutes

Event Coordinator Consultation

$150 to book a time to discuss the details of the event This service overall includes but not limited to, at which items will be discussed at the meet up: A questionnaire will be sent out prior to the actual meeting. Virtual meetings are available. Create a timeline to ensure the timely arrival of vendors. Oversee all vendor detail to be the main point of contact for all. Arranging event while following all company and safety standards Creating an agreement and budget with the client Communicating all budget, space and vendor progress with the clients Communicating any problems that arise in an upfront manner with the client Maintaining communication with any outside vendors contracted for the event Welcoming all guests and address all needs Preparing and executing a detailed outline of the event needs Arranging meeting space, lodging for guests, food and drink, music, visuals, and any other needs the client has More depending on clients needs

$150 · 1 hour

Photoshoot Coordinator

Responsible of bringing together all necessary elements to ensure a good photo shoot. Sourcing talent, crew, location, concepts from pre production, to post production. Administrative aspects of the shoot, from filling out paperwork to delivering the finished photographs to the client. $150 Deposit required a conception stage. Prices varies depending on client. $300 base and up

$150 · 3 hours 30 minutes

Brand Creative Director

For Brands ONLY: not individual/ personal photoshoots Aid in the design concept, from start to finish. Deposit required to book the date. Coordinator for photoshoots as well as some marketing to make sure it's cohesive. Responsible for adapting a brand strategy in design for a company's target market. Can be on retainer for a monthly period or one time. The base for both options are $500 and up

Base $500 $350 · 8 hours

Brand Strategy Session

A quick chat about the brand's overall wants and needs to attain the specific brand's goals.

Free $150 · 1 hour


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