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Tele-Health Holistic Wellness Consult

Learn how you can improve, heal and overcome almost any health issue naturally if you know how. Our physician has 30 years experience in the field of holistic health. Leave a textable number so we can call you at your appointment time.

$55 · 30 minutes

Body Clock Online Consult

Our body is connected to the sun and moon cycle. Many illnesses can be linked to living out of harmony with nature's cycles. We have daily, monthly and annual cycles in our body/mind functioning. Modern life has removed our attention away from natural body functioning. Becoming conscious of your body's ebb and flow helps you make good decisions about your daily and monthly schedules for more productivity and better health. Chinese medicine expert, Beth Acampora, AP has 30 years experience in the healing art. Consultations reveal your body type and the best times of the day to schedule work and wellness routines. You will also learn about what times of the year are best for which activities, helping you plan your year with more balance and relevance.

$60 · 30 minutes

Tele Health Consult

50 minutes

New Pt. Consult & Acupuncture

Schedule your first session here. It includes initial consultation, health history, exam, holistic diagnosis, treatment plan and first session of acupuncture therapy.

1 hour 30 minutes

Est. Patient - Acupuncture

Acupuncture Therapy for returning patients.

55 minutes

Medical Qigong

This light touch massage and breathing therapy is very effective for the emotional aspect of pain syndromes and stress. In the west, we we don't account for mental and emotional duress on the body. During this energetic relaxation therapy, the body can return to a balanced state of homeostasis where true healing can occur. Sessions last an hour.

$125 · 55 minutes

Private Online Tai Chi / Qigong Lesson

Learn Tai Chi and Qigong online with either a live session on Zoom or Facetime or with pre-recorded lessons designed just for you over Google Classrooms. Topics available in Private Tai Chi Lessons: Dao Life Philosophy and Ba Qua Element Training Qigong Silk Reeling & Joint Warm Up Tai Chi Strength Training Cardio Circle Walking Instruction on the basic Dao Life Tai Chi Form Meditation instruction and practice

$50 · 30 minutes

Private In Person Tai Chi / Qigong Lessons

Private in person lessons are given at the Dao Life Sanctuary on the river in Lakeshore, Jacksonville. Text 904-396-3896 for insturctions about attending your first lesson. This is an outside venue. There are no facilities at the location. Topics available in Private Tai Chi Lessons: >Dao Life Philosophy and Ba Qua Element Training >Qigong Silk Reeling & Joint Warm Up >Tai Chi Strength Training >Cardio Circle Walking >Instruction on the basic Dao Life Tai Chi Form >Meditation instruction and practice >Self Healing Exercise for Pain, Immunity, Insomnia, Anxiety, Cancer Recovery, Anti-Aging & Balance >Dao Life Seasonal Meditation Focus Training - Know WHEN to do and HOW to do it.............

$75 · 50 minutes

Herbal Consult (Online)

Our physician will call you via video chat at the time of your appointment. Leave a textable number. The system of traditional herbal therapy is very sophisticated. Herbalist throughout the ages, particularly in Asia, kept detailed medical records with detailed observations, diagnostic techniques, and literally thousands of years of detailed printed records. Our physician uses the wisdom of these traditions to discover the correct individualized herbs and supplements that are just right for you. The consult lasts 20 minutes. After a health history and detailed diagnosis, we will provide you a prescription. Herbs will be provided to you by mail for herbs not available to the public. Otherwise, you will be given directions purchase safe and appropriate herbs and supplements online. This saves you time and money, only taking what you need and not just the latest health fad. Our physician has over 30 years in the holistic wellness industry. No multi level network recommendations. We don't do those here.

$45 · 25 minutes

Beth Hopkins Acampora, AP

Our acupuncture physician has over 24 years experience. Expert care in a private setting. HIPAA compliant and privacy protected. Family prices.