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30-Minute Coaching Session

Start your journey to nicotine freedom in a Free 30 minute Health & Wellness coaching session with Frank Oden.

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New Client Assessment

The first step in your formal process is a phone orientation before your primary quit-date session. Frank will interview you and provide materials via email for you to complete. Scheduling and payment will be handled at this time.

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Private Client Follow-Up

Ongoing Support for Private Clients (included with cost of service)

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Free Consultation

Prospective clients may call in directly at any time, or book an appointment for 30-minute telephone consultation.

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Frank Oden

Denver's top tobacco expert, Frank Oden, has helped thousands of smokers, vapers, chewers, tokers and NRT users kick the habit easily and permanently. NAADAC Certified Tobacco Treatment Provider; NBME Certified Health & Wellness Coach; IFC Certified Positive Psychology Well-Being Coach; NFNLP Certified NLP Master Trainer; NGH Certified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist; Former 30-year Smoker