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Anti-Aging, New Client Offer

12- 15 minute Anti-Aging Face Sessions OR 12-30 minute Anti-Aging Face & Hands Sessions

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Fat Loss & Body Sculpting Promotional Offer

Introductory package includes: • Consultation • 30-minute Lipo Wrap sessions • 10-minute whole-body vibration sessions • Before and after photos with measurements to track progress. Option to add Anti-Aging Face to these Sessions for $90 additional.

$348 · 50 minutes

Fat Loss Membership - "I am doing this, just watch me!"

Enrollment fee $195.00 for 1 year Membership Members have the flexibility to pay "as you go" at $30.00 per session. Option to add Anti-Aging Face Unit to each Session.

$195 · 50 minutes

Kick Start to Summer

Getting the body you want is possible! Kick Start to Summer Package includes: -Consultation -Before and After photos and measurements to track progress -36 (3 months) 30-minute Enlighten System Lipo Wrap Sessions -36 (3 months) 30-minute Anti-Aging Face panel added on to Enlighten System Session -36 (3 months) 10- minute Whole Body Vibration Sessions Enlighten System utilizes Red Light Therapy to target and empty fat cells in the body. Perfect for targeting arms, back, waist, hips, and thighs. Our Anti-Aging Face panel naturally increases collagen, reduce wrinkles, scars and even tone and texture. Our Sessions are non-invasive, pain-free, and require no downtime. This package is the best value! All sales are final.

$899 · 50 minutes

Pain, Inflammation & Muscle Recovery Offer

Each 20-minute session is followed by a 10-minute whole-body vibration or a foot vibration. Package includes before and after photos and measurements.

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New Client Consultation

Free · 30 minutes


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