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Initial homeopathic Consultation for new clients

$315 · 1 hour 30 minutes

HP consult for new or existing clients

Variable cost. For single disease or full program including supervision, kit, booklet, shipping. Travel HP includes consult only, remedies may need to be purchased separately.

Full program is $375 for first child. $107 per additional child in the same family. Travel or single disease HP is $90. · 45 minutes

Initial homeopathic Consultation for child < 2 years old

$275 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Follow up Consultation for existing clients

$110 · 50 minutes

Acute Consultation for existing clients

Please choose this type of appointment ONLY for 1) Symptoms that may arise during current constitutional care less than 6-8 weeks from the previous appointment, that needs a change in remedy plan. 2) Other self limiting conditions, such as fevers, colds, injuries, stomach bugs, flu, etc. 3) Extra Q&A that can not wait for the next follow up appointment, and that are not brief enough to be handled over email. Please choose a "Follow-up consultation" for everything else.

$45 · 15 minutes

Focus homeopathic Consultation for new clients

For a single complaint only. It would be advisable to choose a full initial consultation for a chronic and/or complicated complaint.

$205 · 1 hour

Acute Consultation for new clients

For self-limiting conditions only. Please choose an initial consultation for everything else.

$95 · 30 minutes


Jhuma Biswas