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My name is Krista and I am a licensed Esthetician and , Licensed Massage Therapist . I have had the pleasure of working in the Esthetic and Massage industry for over fourteen years and counting !

I have been offering semi-permanent eyelash artistry with Novalash lash eyelash extensions for over five years and am proud to offer Novalash , one of the top leaders in eyelash extensions! I have over a decade of experience and training in the spa and cosmetic industry and take pride in offering professional services and products for lash artistry , massage and skin care . I feel that beauty services are important to help us navigate through our busy lifestyles, which is why my goal is to always offer quality products and exceptional services to help people feel relaxed, beautiful, and well from the inside out!
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Our Services

American Volume Eyelashes . FALL SPECIAL $130
Full Volume Eyelashes ( aka Russian Volume or 2d,3d,4d,5d) These are premium eyelash extensions applied by an experienced and certified lash artist...A dark feathery volume with varying lengths and textures with lasting durability. Volume lashes have a dark lash line look , with a fluffier texture then classic extensions . Tiny multiple extensions are applied to one natural lash with skill and care for each of your natural lashes . Enjoy your full volume look for up to two to three weeks before your next fill . Fills are recommended every two to three weeks; this is to make sure that adequate time and attention is given to you and your lashes which includes proper cleaning of the eye area and gentle removal of lashes that are overgrown so that new lashes can be re-attached . •Please arrive with clean lashes, free of mascara and makeup . •Personal style, length, and shape is determined during you consultation. •Volume lashes works well on most all eyes with healthy lashes.
2 -3 week Volume Lash Fill
Lash fill for volume eyelashes are carefully cleaned and overgrown lash extensions are removed and replaced with fresh , pretty hand made volume fans that gives your lashes desired fullness with a picture perfect look for any occasion.
4 week Volume Lash Fill
Your Four week lash fill is perfect for those who enjoys coming in at 4 weeks to fill their pretty lashes. Extra attention and time is given to restore your lashes with extra pampering that is needed to give them back their fluffy fullness that you love .
Classic Curl Eyelashes... FALL SPECIAL $99
Classic Curl Eyelashes Accentuate and brighten all eye shapes with a more dramatic look of curl and fullness. Certified Master lash artist Using only professional grade products by NOVALASH lashes the leaders in professional eyelash extensions offering a full mascara look. Each lash is carefully lashed to each individual and available lash . Experience up to 50 percent extra length and fullness. Works well with most all natural lashes (widths, lengths and colors) Please arrive with clean lashes , remove all eye makeup, mascara, and contacts before your scheduled appointment. Thank you :)
2 -3 week Classic Lash Fill
Lash Fill for Classic Eyelashes (2 to 3 week Fill) Lashes groomed and filled to refresh and renew your pretty new lashes. *arrive with clean lashes free from mascara and makeup .
Lash Removal
The safest way to remove your lash extensions is to have your lash professional remove them with a professional lash removal solution . This process is specifically designed to safely remove semi-permanent lash adhesive .
Microdermabrasion Facial-Neck-Declote'
The ultimate facial for healthy , glowing beautiful skin! Medical grade microderm , with a disposible tip that delivers a combination of crystals , suction and friction for circulation under the skin and to remove up to three layers of dead skin cells from the Stratum Corneum on the face, neck and declote'. Your first treatment will have your skin feeling clean and looking healthy with a glowing complexion. Excellent service for those seeking to heal the skin and reduce acne breakouts, reduction of fine lines, superficial scars. and dull complexion.
Dermaplaning Facial
Hair removal with blade that gently exfoliates and removes vellus hair from the face and neck , Leaving the facial skin feeling and looking smooth, silky and brighter. Great for summer time and outdoors with a natural look and feel to your skin.
Microneedling w/ GF mask
Microneedling with growth factor mask . Also known as collagen induction therapy helps increase collagen and smooths out acne scaring , deep wrinkles, as well as tones and tightens skin on the face ,neck ,and chest. *Chest can be added in for an additional charge ) . A light Microdermabrasion treatment is used to prep the skin before the microneedling procedure . After prep is complete a topical anesthetic is applied before the procedure to numb for comfort . Serum is slowly added to your skin during your treatment as the microneedling device is moved over the skin making tiny pricks to stimulate the body’s own natural collagen and elastin. A Growth factor mask is then applied to help calm and aid in additional hydration and help stimulate . Microneedling dramatically helps in reducing the appearance of acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles ,hyper-pigmentation, as well as retexturizing and tightening the skin..three sessions spaced out four weeks apart are recommended with home care products recommended.
Restorative Massage
Restorative massage is a relaxing therapeutic massage to help your body repair from stress . Your body and mind will be able to relax and restore back to a natural state of calmness . Organic oils and Lotions are used with essential oils customized to your skin care needs .
Microblading for Brows
Microblading technique is performed by a State Licensed Tattooist with an advanced certification in permanent makeup and microblading . Microblading gives the appearance of natural brow hairs with single precise strokes , This technique is used to give a beautiful natural look for those seeking to have a more permanent solution to fill in sparse brows while keeping a more natural defined look. This procedure Includes topical numbing for a more comfortable experience and to reduce swelling . Your six week touch up will be scheduled at the time of your initial brow appointment. All clients get one touch up that is included with the initial price of the brows . Any additional appointments for touch ups in the future are color boosts sessions at an additional charge .
Eyebrow Tinting
Give your brows extra attention with a more defined look. Brow tinting last up to 4 weeks and will help add depth to brow hairs as well as cover and tame pesky grays. Hair in the brows are necessary to grab the tint, This service works well with a brow shape , wax or tweeze. Can be added on during your lash extension service for a more polished look.
Lash Tint
Tinting of the lashes is ideal for special events, traveling, or just a little something extra. Last up to four to six weeks , Lash tint is a deep dark black . Lash tint looks pretty on the bottom lashes when done during the Lash extension service.
Upper lip Wax
Eyebrow wax or Tweeze
Professional clean up and shaping with added waxing , trim and tweezing treatment as needed. Brow waxing consist of cleaning the brow and adding a tiny amount of lipid barrier to help reduce redness by keeping the skin calm and comfortable. . Tweezing may be a better alternative if your physician has prescribed topicial medications such as: tretinoin ( Retin-A ) adapalen (Differin), and tazarotene (Tazorac) or you have recently had a peel or using AHA's Please let your Esthetician know before your brow treatment begins.
Upper Eyeliner with Lash Enhancement
(Most popular permanent procedure ) Permanent cosmetic procedure performed by a State Licensed Tattooist with a certification in advanced permanent cosmetics . This procedure delivers pigment that is implanted directly into the lash line giving you a darker lash line that looks natural and brightens the eyes with a detailed natural line stroke on the upper lid. The combination of the two brightens and opens the eyes . The eyeliner procedure includes topical numbing to help soothe and reduce any discomfort during the service as well as swelling to ensure a more comfortable experience.
Air Brush Tan By: South Seas ( Single session $29)
Beautiful and natural paraben-free products from South Seas air brush tan are made with certified organic DHA, Shea butter, citrus,gingsing,and cucumber . Your beautiful airbrush tan works with your own melinin to tan you over a period of eight hours, then wash off to reveal your beautiful glowing skin. Your tan will fade naturally in about seven to ten days. South Seas tanning system is the same one used by Dancing with the stars, and the number one choice for film makeup, artists, and spa resorts.
Transfer Fill ( new customer coming from another lash establishment)
This fill is only for new customers who are coming from a different lash establishment During the transfer fill it is important to make adequate time to clean and remove any overgrown lashes,. Proper cleaning and grooming of your natural lashes will give your new fresh lash extensions a more uniformed look.

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