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At Dapper Barbershop & Shave Parlor we provide quality haircuts, beard trims, hair linings, hot towel shaves, relaxing steamed facials and most importantly Quality Service.
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Our Services

Men's Haircut
-haircut of choice (BALD FADES $50) -facial stress massage with moisturizer (optional) -hot towel (optional) -styling of hair w/ choice of pomade -complimentary beverage
Beard Trim and Lining
-trimming the length and shaping the beard - lining the natural beard shape with the straight razor. (top cheek only)
Mens Cut & Beard Trim
Dapper haircut -facial stress massage -hot steamed towel -trimming and Shaping of the beard (clipper only) -linning the beard with (clippers only) -choice of beard oil -styling of hair *no straight razor lining included ADD $5 WITH STRAIGHT RAZOR
Men's Haircut & Express Shave
-haircut Quick Shave -pre shave oil -2 hot towels -shave or beard line cleaning -1 cold towel -Pinaud aftershave -choice of beard oil -Styling of hair and beard with choice of pomade
Full Royal Treatment, Complete Men's Haircut (30-60min), w/ a 1hr. Luxury Steamed Shave. (Complete removal of hair in ears, nose, and eyebrows is optional). You will be looking and feeling like a ⚜️KING⚜️ -complimentary beverage
Even Buzz Cut
-this haircut is simple, one guard all around at the length of your choice -no tapers or fades are included, simple neck and sideburn clean up comes with haircut *taper ADD $5
Even Buzz and Express Shave
Simple buzz cut (even all around) ⚜️ 30 min Express Shave ⚜️ -pre shave oil -2 hot towels -straight razor shave or beard line cleaning -1 cold towel -Pinaud aftershave -beard oil of choice
Express Shave (40 min)
-pre shave oil -2 hot towels -straight razor shave or beard line cleaning -1 cold towel -Pinaud aftershave -beard oil of choice
Straight Razor Head and Facial Shave
Natural moisturizer applied by massage 2 Hot Towels Straight Razor Shave (20 min) After Shave and Fragrance x2 *Same Process for the Face with addition of the Ozone Steamer for cleansing of the skin.
⚜️Luxury Steam Shave ⚜️
-facial cleanse with house select scrub -pre shave oil -natural moisturizers applied while massaging the face -4 hot towels in between moisturizers -ozone steam machine (hot steam to open up pores) -straight razor shave or beard cleaning -mint mask for cooling skin down -1 cold towel to remove mask -Pinaud Classic Aftershave -fragrance cologne oil (optional)
Rejuvenating Facial Cleanse
-facial scrub -ozone steamer -3 steamed towels (scrubs dirt and oils away) -moisturizers in between towels (bringing moisture to skin) - relaxing facial massage (relaxing facial muscles, stress) -mint mask -1 hot towel (remove mask) -1 cold towel (close pores and cool skin) -aftershave -cologne oil of choice -complimentary beverage *no shaving
Dapper Kids (Middle School & under)
-haircut of choice -facial stress massage w/hot towel (optional for middle school students only) *Please note: Child must be able to sit and stay calm during haircut as we try to maintain a relaxed environment.
High School Students (with Id)
-choice of cut (Bald fades ADD $5) -facial stress massage w/ hot towel (optional) -style of cut w/ choice of pomade -complimentary water
Neck and Side Burn Clean Up
-trimming and lining the sideburns and neck area
Style N Go!
-styling your hair to perfection for any special occasion! -you have from many pomade brands to choose from -many scents, holds, and shines. To top it off we will let you sample a Dapper fragrance oil of your choice.
Mustache Clean Up
Trim & Line
Brows Trimmed & Shaped
Complete eyebrow cleaning *lining optional
Trim & Line
Beard Dye
Enhancing the hairline or beard with Color Ink
Hair Fiber Application
Cover up Bald Areas with Hair Fibers to make bald areas look like a full set of hair again! It's a Miracle! *temporary not permanently*

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