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Virtual Yoga Private

Video chat with Rissa and receive one-on-one guidance and customized support for you, your body, and your needs. <br /><br />Remote Yoga Privates are $50/hr.

$50 · 1 hour

Virtual Thai Massage Instruction

Get step-by-step virtual guidance as you learn how to massage your loved one! Rissa has worked with couples for about 7 years - teaching them how to use basic Thai massage techniques to help relieve tension and cultivate meaningful connection. Whether you're working with your partner, your child, your family member, roommate, or another loved one with whom you cohabitate - it's important to still give and receive touch if and when you can. <br /><br />Remote Thai Massage Instruction sessions are $75/hr

$75 · 1 hour

Virtual Coaching

Rissa is available as a coach to help with the inevitable conflicts of life: from having difficult conversations to starting health and wellness self-care practices... We ALL need support to learn and to implement new patterns and behaviors. If you're feeling stuck and you need some guidance, support, and accountability, Rissa is here. <br /><br />Coaching sessions are $50/hr.

$50 · 1 hour

Rissa Wray

Schedule Remote Services to receive support and guidance in the form of a Virtual Yoga Private, Virtual Thai Massage Instruction for you and a cohabitating loved one (partner, child, roommate, family member, etc.), or Virtual Coaching. Receive the guidance, support, and accountability that you need from anywhere in the world! When possible, book with Rissa to experience expert bodywork, customized to your needs! Unlike other massage therapists who practice Thai ("Yoga") massage only occasionally, Rissa has been practicing Thai massage exclusively for over 7 years, full time. She's been to Thailand to study with traditional teachers and has been teaching Thai massage and yoga (including the Thai version of yoga) for some years now. After your session with Rissa, you will walk away moving better and feeling better, with helpful exercises, an action plan, and a list of referrals to help build your holistic healthcare network.