Jolie is a meditation, row and yoga studio which in addition to classes offers workshops, individual life coaching for goal achievement, health, and nutrition. We offer offsite meditations and programs for corporations and communities. We also offer healthy plant based food and broth.
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Our Services

Age Reversal Session
You will receive a personal detailed plan and helps to start turning back the clock: nutritional add ins, progressive movement plan, recommended supplements/vitamins, meditation help, and daily small actions for major change and transformation. We will look at body care, nutrition, mental acuity, physical condition, and avoidance of chronic health challenges. Can be done in person or by phone. Please indicate call number if you desire FaceTime or phone session.
Targeted Meditation
A private meditation directed to your needs and goals. Offered for those that need a quick, targeted meditation.
One-on-One Coaching - Soul Styling
Individualized health and life coaching to help guide you to achieving your goals in the areas of health, wellness, and life achievement.
Pathways to Healing - one on one
Are your ready to cultivate positive health choices? Meet with Julia to explore how to achieve your health goals and feel your best with individual customized health coaching sessions and integral living programs. Julia's holistic approach empowers you to create healthy lifestyle changes and food choices while balancing career, relationships, exercise and mindfulness to create overall wellbeing, inside out.
My Meditation
There is no one meditation technique to suit everyone. But certainly everyone can find a technique that suits him or her. Learn about and explore different meditation techniques and get recommendations on how to find your own technique, one which you will call "my meditation."
Private Yoga 60 minutes - techniques for relaxation and recovery
There is nothing like a class designed to fulfill your own needs and intentions. Private Yoga provides personally tailored yoga for you, or you and a friend.
Complimentary Initial Consultation - 30 minutes
This consult can be conducted in person or by phone. The aim is to explore your needs and discover how coaching with Julia can help you.
New Appointment for Coaching Package Holder
This booking is for clients who have an existing coaching package.
jolie Day in New York City
This day is all about laying the foundation for your transformation - kick starting your best self possible. We will go through the process of dislodging and releasing toxins and limiting beliefs. Then the soil is prepared with care of the body and creating step by step daily plan of moving forward toward your goal. 8:30 Stir Up and Wake Up: Stirring the Sludge Within 9:30 Strategy Session 11:00 The Release - Body Treatment 12:30 Lunch: Mindful Eating, Nutrition, Troubleshooting 2:00 Building Up: Facial and Skin Treatment 4:00 Plans: Your Personal Plan 5:30 Q&A

Our Staff

Julia Erickson