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Glow & Go Dermaplane Treatment

Includes a double cleanse, dermaplane (removal of dead skin and vellous hair using a sterile scalpel blade), gentle lactic acid peel (or appropriate peel for skin type), facial massage, targeted treatment serum, eye cream, moisturizer and sun protection for face, lips, and neck.

$85 · 45 minutes

Éminence Organic Facial

Experience ultimate relaxation and pampering for your skin with this full service facial treatment. Customized for your specific skin needs and goals, each treatment is formulated with hand picked products for maximum results and glowing skin.

4 Options

Collagen Induction Therapy

Reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scars, large pores and uneven skin texture by stimulating existing collagen and elastin with a controlled "injury" to the skin. A sterile 12-tip needle cartridge is used to create micro openings in the top layer of the skin, thus stimulating the lower layers to repair and renew by creating more collagen and elastin without major damage or pain.

4 Options

Teen Facial Treatment

$100 · 1 hour

Teen Acne Treatment

A specialized facial treatment for teens. Great for those who struggle with acne, hormonal changes or breakout prone skin. Includes extractions.

$100 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Bright Eyes Eye Treatment

Gently but effectively treat and minimize fine lines, wrinkles, milia, crow's feet, puffiness, lack of skin tone, and dark circles. Can be added to any facial or dermaplane treatment or purchased as a stand alone service.

$55 · 30 minutes

Brow Wax + Tint

Brow trim, shape, wax and tweeze + tinting of the brow hair in your preferred shade. Choices include blonde, dark blonde, medium brunette, & dark brunette.

$45 · 30 minutes

Brow Wax

Includes trim, shape, wax and tweeze

$20 · 15 minutes

Brow Tweeze

Removal of all eyebrow hair using tweezers only. Includes trim & shape.

$25 · 15 minutes

Brazilian Wax

A Brazilian wax includes the removal of all pubic hair, front and back. You can request a small strip or patch of hair to be left via your personal preference.

$60 · 30 minutes

Bikini Wax

A bikini wax includes the removal of all pubic hair outside the panty line

4 Options

Lip Wax

Removal of all upper lip hair.

$10 · 10 minutes

Chin Wax

Removal of all facial hair on the chin.

$12 · 10 minutes

Cheek Wax

Removal of hair on the cheeks and side burns.

$15 · 10 minutes

Nose Wax

Removal of the hair at the base of the nostril

$8 · 10 minutes

Full Face Wax

$55 · 30 minutes

Underarm Wax

Removal of all underarm hair (armpit). Minimum of 2 week hair growth is required prior to waxing.

$22 · 15 minutes

Happy Trail Wax

Removal of hair in and around the belly button and lower stomach.

$16 · 10 minutes

The Sweet Peach

Specifically designed for your most sensitive areas and ideal for regular brazilian/bikini waxers, this vulva treatment includes the following: Deep Cleanse w/ steam Exfoliation Extractions (as needed) Soothing Masque Moisturizer Each treatment is customized for your unique needs with the utmost respect and professionalism. Ideally performed 7-10 days post wax but can be added onto any wax service.

$125 · 45 minutes

LED Light Therapy

Stimulate new cells, increase collagen and elastin production, reduce inflammation, speed healing, increase circulation, and destroy acne bacteria. Restore your skin's youthful appearance with this anti-aging UV-free light therapy. Can be done as a solo treatment on clean, dry skin or added on to any scheduled facial treatment.

$25 · 30 minutes

Leg Wax

2 Options


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