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Full Detail Special

This package is the BEST of both worlds. Great for getting some surface scratches, light oxidation and really bringing life back to the paint with some added protection as well. The interior will be vacuumed, deep cleaned, floors, seats, and mats shampooed, all plastics dressed with a UV protectant. Along with all windows/mirrors inside and out. Exterior Pressure Rinse Wheels/Tires Degreased Cleaned & Dressed Foam bath pre-soak 2 Bucket Hand Washed Gas cap area cleaned Iron Decontamination Clay bar painted surfaces Rinse Dried with Plush Microfiber Drying towels Premium All-In-One Polish/Wax applied with dual action polisher Full Synthetic Polymer Applied to all exterior Painted Surfaces Interior Air Purge Interior blow out Meticulously Vacuumed Air Vents cleaned and dusted Door panels/Dash/Center Console/Cup holders cleaned & Dressed Shampoo carpets/Floor mats/Seats/Clean Rubber floor mats Leather cleaned/conditioned (If Applicable) Final vacuum Glass & mirror cleaning (inside & out) *Additional charges for excessive pet hair removal *Additional charges for excessive tar, sap, mud removal Vehicle to be dropped off full day.

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The Mini Detail

The Mini is a nice maintenance detail of the exterior with a Polymer based sealant for some added pop to the paint and a spruce up of the interior. Exterior Pressure Rinse Foam Bath Pre-Soak 2 Bucket Hand Wash Sprayed with Polymer based sealant Dried w/ plush microfiber drying towels Wheels/Tires Cleaned Tires Dressed Interior Air Purge Vacuumed Vents dusted Wet dust all doors, dashboard panels, console & plastics Windows Inside & Out *Additional charges for excessive pet hair removal *Additional charges for excessive tar, sap & mud removal

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Premium Wash

-Pressure Rinse -Degrease & Clean Wheels/Tires/Wheel Wells -Foam Cannon Soak (Helps lift and loosen dirt away from surface to avoid scratching) -Agitation of emblems, cracks and crevices with boars hair brush. -Hand wash using 2 bucket method and soft microfiber wash mitts. -Dried with plush microfiber drying towels -Tires are conditioned with water based tire dressing -Polymer based spray sealant applied (Up to 3 months protection) *Prices subject to change based on but not limited to excessive mud, tar and sap removal.

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1yr Ceramic Coating no polish

$275 · 9 hours

One year Ceramic coating w/ 1 stage polish

$350 · 12 hours

Light Detail

Our Light Detail is for someone that needs a bit more than a MINI detail or if it’s been a little while since your last detail. We’ll get the interior looking great, dress the plastics with non-greasy UV protection. Your exterior will be looking fine with plenty of gloss and shine. Up to 3 months protection. Interior Air purge for loose debris Vacuum All Interior Interior Plastics cleaned Door Panels Cleaned Thresh hold plate cleaned Center console Cleaned Plastics dressed with UV protection Interior windows & mirrors cleaned Exterior Pressure Rinse for Loose Debris Wheels Degreased & Cleaned Wheel Wells Degreased & Cleaned Foam Bath Pre-soak Detailed Hand Wash Door Jams cleaned Dried W/ Plush Microfiber Drying Towels Gas cap area cleaned Hybrid Ceramic wax for up to 3 months protection Tires Dressed *Additional charges for excessive pet hair removal *Extreme Cases of Dirty Vehicles are Susceptible to an Extra Charge

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One Stage Exterior Polishing

Our One Stage Polishing package is one of our most popular packages done with a Hybrid compound/polish combo, duel action polisher and paint correcting techniques to remove 40-60% swirl marks, holograms, light scratches and oxidation and restores gloss and shine. *Will not remove deeper defects. Remember!!! The rule of thumb is if you can feel the scratch with your fingernail it will not come out with this stage of polishing. Pressure Rinse Wheels/Tires Degreased & Cleaned Wheel Wells Degreased & Cleaned Foam bath pre-soak Bug and Tar removal 2 Bucket Hand Wash Door Jams Gas cap area cleaned Chemically Decontaminated to dissolve metal particles embedded in the Clear Coat Hand Decontaminated w/ Clay Bar to lift leftover embedded contaminants leaving a clean surface. Dried with Plush Microfiber Drying towels Premium Polishing with Hybrid compound/polish combo & dual action polisher Panel Surface prep Sealant applied for Shine/Gloss for up to 3 months Protection Tires Dressed *Additional charges for excessive tar, sap & mud removal

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