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1st Step - Starter Session

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$25 · 1 hour

Monthly session

First 30 minutes included free with your membership. Book online here. In person, in office or by Zoom video, or phone. Additional detail at:

Price Varies · 30 minutes


Soul sistering personal coaching... because life and soul and creating are as connected as heartbeats and breathing.

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Project Packages

Personal self-improvement support, soul sistering, life coaching, as you upgrade your self-worth, sift your relationships, redesign your work, career, life environments; and grow creatively, intuitively, intentionally, Flexible-project packages offer structure, convenience, and customized, multi-purpose options. Adds spirit-lifting, support amidst change-making, next chapters, mind-spirit-body care intentions, healthy boundary-structuring, happy relationships, entrepreneurship, etc. Offering single sessions and multi-session packages.

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Art and oracle cards are an ancient spiritual teaching tool. ... offering insight, wisdom, clarification... Spirit-calming, comfort; uplifting inspiration.... How they work / What to Expect: We 'meet' by phone or zoom video chat; occasionally, they're held in person. Safe gentle spirit space. Self and spirit energy balancing, reassuring, and often uncanny in what cards show up. "... the Angel reading you did for me a couple of years ago was one of the most helpful that I have had." - Mari G.

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Self-Wellness Coaching

Well being; self-care, integrity, life-soul-ease; freedom, joy, happiness, health, peace; thriving, energy management, emotions, creating... from human resource wellness, life, career, coaching, and personal development; energy, emotions, environments, relationships. "How do you want to feel?"

1 hour

Private workshop

Personal workshop hosted at WonderSpirit / Kindred Spirit Center in Waukesha. (Up to 5 students) Choose workshop from: Creating a Personal Spirituality, soul school, relationship rules, or other, ONLINE COURSE: Each participant must enroll in course prior to personal workshop.

$190 · 1 hour 50 minutes

Tech share / instruction

Informal how-to self-help support. WordPress blog, website set-up, editing, content writing; also MS Office Word Excel PowerPoint, and social media. Co-creating teaching-learning experiences so you can comfortably add content to your own site, when inspiration drops in.

$25 · 30 minutes

Anne Wondra - WonderSpirit

Anne Wondra, life coach, feminine spirit, creative biz entrepreneur, writer; former corp human resource administrator, youth minister, travel partner, and book editor, who owns and founded WonderSpirit LLC / WonderSpirit Soul Sistering. She's a muse, inspired by beauty and books, is a cat mom, vegetarian, and humane society volunteer; and happily married to Michael Robichaud for thirty-plus years and counting. (Professional 'BS MS' academics and past-life careers, titles, etc. found on LinkedIn.)