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We offer Nutrition, Supplement and Natural Well Care solutions for the whole family. Each of the staff members specialize in healing, from the inside out, through various modalities. We look forward to your upcoming appointment!
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Our Services

FREE BEMER Therapy Session
Eligible for first BEMER session only.
Pick Up Supplements
Schedule a time to pick up supplement refills, as the office is by appointment only. You can also request free shipping for all orders over $50. Call or text (859-282-0022) or email your order ahead of time for faster service. You can also add on BEMER therapy session to this appointment for discounted rate of $13.
FREE 15 Minute Consult with Victoria Smith
This consultation is for those who have never had an appointment with Victoria and is designed to see if her services meet your needs.
Initial Well Care Appointment
Your first visit with our Holistic Practitioner, Victoria Smith to share your health concerns and learn about holistic options. Some of the things to expect include: Iridology photos, health survey, Zyto Scan and more.
Well Care Follow Up
Follow up appointments available to those who have completed an evaluation within one year.
BEMER add on therapy session
BEMER therapy session added to appointment with Victoria Smith or Karen Jean at a discounted rate.
BEMER Therapy session
PEMF: Pulse Electro Magnetic Frequency Therapy; with exclusive BEMER Signal.
Guests Speaker: Victoria Smith
Chose this option if you would like to invite Victoria to speak to your group. Chose a time for Victoria to call you or for you to come in to discuss.
Remote Consult - First Appointment
Chose your remote method, telephone or email. This appointment will include more than one communication to collect all information.
Remote Consult - Follow up
This appointment is offered via telephone or email.

Our Staff

Victoria Smith