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The Yoga With Shawna Reiki + Energy Healing Clinic is the first Reiki Clinic in the United States! The Reiki Clinic is offered 3 times a week and offers the opportunity for 30 people a day to receive energy healing at an accessible and affordable rate. Reiki Sessions are valued at $108 but given at the Clinic for only $25. Sessions include sound, tuning forks, healing plant medicine, Reiki + Energy Healing crystals and oracle cards. They are open to all people of all ages. Sessions book quickly so please reserve your spot as soon as you know you can commit. Sessions are 45 minutes long.
3:30 PM - 6:00 PM
3:30 PM - 6:00 PM
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

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Our Services

REIKI + ENERGY HEALING CLINIC (45 minute session)
**Each session is 45 minutes**Experience a powerfully healing Reiki session in an affordable way. You will lay on one of 11 massage tables + receive a 45-minute chakra aligning + healing Reiki and energy healing session. You will be given headphones to listen to a 45-minute healing frequency chosen just for your personal healing. Crystals and plant medicines will be placed on you as Reiki + Energy Healing is given. A special oracle card message will be given at the end of the session to leave you with something to meditate on it. A free smudging during your session is included! Please note Clinic sessions focus on you, the individual, but are done in a community way: what this means is other people will be receiving healing as well. Reiki + Energy Work should be received weekly so this clinic option allows for a 45 minute session valued at $108 to be given for only $25. Please note: sessions are 45 minutes but booked every 5 minutes so that is why it says "5 minutes for $25".
Tarot Readings
Get your questions answered through the ancient wisdom of the sacred tarot. Ask a question to gain clarity, insight and wisdom to help guide you on events in your life. Sessions are twenty minutes long.
Reiki for Your Pet
Pets are highly receptive to energy work and giving Reiki to your pet has proven great success in bringing healing to the animal. Reiki is proven to be scientifically work to help heal physical and emotional issues with animals while being noninvasive to the animal. Perfect for pets who are sick, emotionally overwhelmed, stressed, or need to be better balanced or in harmony. A Pet Reiki Master will come to your house and provide a 35 minute healing session leaving you with energy guidance on how to keep the energy of you pet high. The pet's toys/bowls/beds will also be blessed with reiki. Sessions may include (and are not limited to) reiki, angel healing, smudging, crystal healing, sound healing, and oracle card reading for your pet. Services are completed at your HOUSE. This is a house call. Please provide your address in the notes when booking your session.
Sacred Home or Business Energy Cleansing Ritual
Everything has an energy: even your home. Cleanse the energy of your house and/or invite a home blessing in to the space you live. When the energy of our home is aligned and harmonized, the energy of those who live in the home will be more aligned and harmonized. Cleanse your home and feel better balanced in all ways. Space clearings are a powerful energy ritual where a healer will come to your home and using Reiki, crystals, essential oils, sacred house clearing spray, and smudging to bring clean, positive, healing energy to your house. A sacred energy grid will be built in the center of the home, and even an oracle reading will be done for the house. ​ Healings are done "on site" at your home. The practitioner can focus on one room, many rooms or the entire home. We will leave you with a sacred energized crystal to keep the good vibes going in the home. This is a house call. Please provide your address in the notes when booking your session.

Our Staff

Jacob Smith
Dedicated to mind, body, spirit, wellness and selfless service, Jacob works with you to cultivate a connection to your sacred self. Using knowledge combined from a variety of teaching methods and certifications including reiki mastership, sacred breathwork, sound healing, hatha, vinyasa and yin yoga, to help with your personal healing and transformation. When Jacob isn’t teaching or practicing, he spends his time seeking spiritual truths, working at an animal rescue, and volunteering with various heart-based organizations spreading love and light.
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