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Long Distance Reiki Healing

*Sessions are 45 minutes** Long Distance Reiki provides the same potent healing powers as in person Reiki: the only difference is we are not physically together! This is helpful to make sure you still get you Reiki even if you cannot physically come to the client. Energy is spaceless and timeless so being together doesn't affect the energy medicine and how it works. Reiki can be sent to anyone, anywhere, at any time and has the same success! We are now offering long distant sessions. How it works is this: *Book your appointment and prepay. *You can do anything during your appointment time: although we suggest you lay down, play some relaxing music and be in a quiet space where you won't be disturbed (possibly put some crystals on you if you have them!) but you can be out and about doing things, an often times people schedule long distance sessions to have healing sent when they are doing not-so-fun things like being at the doctor's office, being in court, traveling, at work, etc. *We will send you an email within an hour of your appointment discussing what came up, what oracle cards were picked and how to keep your vibes high. *Sessions are 45 minutes. It says 5 minutes due to how we have to book our appointments. We apologize for any confusions!

$25 · 5 minutes

Long Distance Tarot Reading (3 cards)

Ask one question to receive the answer based on three cards from the sacred tarot's wisdom! After you book your session, please write your question in the notes section of booking your appointment. We will send the results of the reading at your appointment time of a recording and photos of the explanation of the reading. **Readings take about 15 minutes. It says 5 minutes due to how we have to book our appointments. We apologize for any confusions!

$45 · 5 minutes


Get a Reiki Infused gift mailed to you after your session: this gift or gifts may be herbs, healing spray. smudge sticks, tea,chocolate, a crystal or something else: a small but powerful token to help keep the healing discussed be amplified and stay with you. It is a tool to help you to stay balanced. This gift will be infused with Reiki so when you use it or see it you will feel its high frequency. The gift or gifts choose for you will be channeled by Shawna: she will be guided on what to give you and then explain to you why you got what you got. *Please put your address and any allergies in the notes when booking this add-on. *Price includes shipping. Please allow a few days for shipping as we ship from San Diego. *Gifts are organic and/or sustainably sourced having the highest vibes.

$21 · 5 minutes


Shedule a 60 minute private session with Shawna for only $155. Sessions are online via zoom. Your private session can be any of the following: *Private or Small group Yoga or Meditation Session *Private Reiki Session (Cord Cutting + Chakra Balancing) *Private Past Life Regression with Reiki *Holistic Business or Life Coaching *Plant Medicine Consult *Hypnotherapy Session *Tarot and Oracle Reading *We can also do a combination of the above to make the hour exactly what you need.

$220 · 55 minutes

Shawna + her Reiki Masters