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3 Day Detox

thee days of juices, smoothies and plant based meals.

$99 · 5 minutes

3 Day Detox (with additional options)

Choose from three options. Our full package of daily food and drinks, or you may only order drinks and provide your own food.

3 Options

A LA CARTE: Lemon Cookies

three healthy cookies. If this is part of your detox, they are to be eaten with your meal each day. You can also order these add-ons on their own, or for family to enjoy while you detox.

$8.99 · 5 minutes

A LA CARTE: Smoothie Packs

Please include a note in your appointment letting us know which of the month's smoothies you would like to receive. All three smoothies will be Huge - 24oz, and vacuum sealed in mason jars.

8 Options

A LA CARTE: Cold Brew Coffee Organic 12oz bottle

8oz bottle of organic cold brew. This is a great option for coffee drinkers who still want to enjoy coffee while detoxing, but still maximize the anti-inflammatory benefits of the program. When coffee beans are cold brewed vs. hot, there can be up to 70% less acid released from the bean!

3 Options

A LA CARTE: Kale Collard Wrap

Order wraps to enjoy even when you aren't detoxing, or order for friends and family to enjoy while you are on the detox program.

2 Options

A LA CARTE: Black Bean Quinoa Soup

16 oz soup

3 Options

A LA CARTE: Power Plate

crisp organic romaine lettuce is topped with spicy tahini cheese, organic house made pico de Gallo (organic cilantro, organic onions, organic tomatoes), organic corn, bell pepper, organic cilantro and black bean quinoa stew. Stew is portioned separately to be heated, then poured over the fresh ingredients.

3 Options

A LA CARTE: Organic Veggie & Quinoa Bowl

organic asparagus, steamed kale, organic sautéed mushrooms, organic turmeric roasted cauliflower, organic quinoa & roasted red cabbage, served with a dill & lemon tahini dressing. This dish is best enjoyed heated, but can also be eaten chilled.

3 Options

A LA CARTE: Golden Milk Mix

By local company, Heavenly Sinful Delights. Three servings of mix, simply add hot water. Golden Milk is known to offer many potential health benefits, most notably reduction of inflammation.

2 Options

A LA CARTE: Pico De Gallo (organic)

8 oz container of organic tomatoes, organic onion, organic cilantro and spices. Goes great on salads, steamed potatoes, chips, black bean soup and much more!

$6.99 · 5 minutes

A LA CARTE: Spicy Tahini Cheese

8 oz container of our oil-free spicy tahini cheese. This can be enjoyed on soups, salads, vegetables, pizza, tacos, pasta and more!

$6.99 · 5 minutes


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