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In Store Shopping - Private to 5 people

Personal Shopping in store, private up to 5 people. During COVID mandates, we are allowing no more than ten people including staff within the shop. After mandates are lifted, appointments can be made outside of our normal operating hours if available and accepted. PLEASE INDICATE HOW MANY PEOPLE IN YOUR PARTY.

30 minutes

Private Workshop

Private Workshop, BYO Furniture (No more than 2 ppl, price per person). Furniture must be pre-approved, carried by one person, and stored in workshop NLT one week. This workshop can take 8-9 hours, split within two days (do not have to be consecutive but within a one week period). Supplies to be purchased at a 10 % discount for the workshop and may also be purchased for other projects at this discount during workshop only. Miscellaneous supplies needed other than paints etc will be used at shop discretion. Paint colors can be picked in advance to ensure compatibility and availability. If a large furniture piece is required, the parts such as drawers or leaves will be used for the workshop not entire piece.

$145 ยท 8 hours 30 minutes

Workshop, Craft

We offer a variety of workshops from private to 8 ppl. Please contact to reserve. General craft workshops run about $55.00 -$65.00. Private $145 for BYO Furniture. Price per person. All supplies for craft workshops are included.

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Brenda Potts