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Wedding Meetings

Are you thinking about, or have you, already hired me for you wedding? Need to chat? Want to meet for the first time? Something change and you need a face to face, have coffee and talk it out? Schedule a meeting with me here! Most of the time wedding meetings are held at a place like starbucks or a book store, somewhere, where we can talk together. Please message me after you book your time with the location you had in mind. We can go over if that location a time will work for us together. (Remember, just because you can book a time slot doesn't mean I can make it there in that time frame if you are requesting me to travel! I have to get from my location to yours)

Free · 1 hour 30 minutes

Tester Session

Hi! Please only select this session if you saw an ad for a tester session (this could be from Facebook, Instagram, or Email deals). Please make sure you understand that your child's photos maybe shared on my backdrops website for their advertising. This is why this session is cheaper. I also would love it if you can come to the studio matching the drop/theme of my tester backdrop. If you still see this on my website, that means I am still taking bookings for my testers.

$30 $30 · 30 minutes

Unicorn Mini Sessions

****PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU BOOK YOUR SESSION FOR THE RIGHT DATE***10/4/2020 Payment is due at booking! You will have 24 hours to pay your invoice (invoice will be sent after you book) or Venmo @TNPLHphotography or your session will open back up! Date: 10/4/2020 12pm to 2pm Sessions are 10 mins long Cost: $40 a session, comes with edited photos on a website.. Where: 5 Ashmed Ct Elkton MD 21921 *there will be 2 ponies there so kids can have pony ride a pony ride after their session. **because of the costs involved in these sessions coupons can not be used*** *****There's No Place Like Home Photography is NOT legally responsible for any injuries or medical reactions that may occur with the pony interaction, by booking this session, you agree to these terms******

$40.00 $40 · 10 minutes

Dance Photos

It's that time of the year! Time to capture this years dance recital photos. Sessions are open for an hour time slot-- you may not need to use the whole hour. These are in studio sessions only. Thank you so much make sure you bring all your outfits with you.

$60 $60 · 1 hour 30 minutes

PreSchool, Pre-k or Kindergarten Graduation Mini.

Capture these improtant moments for a lifetime! There's No Place Like Home Photography has the following sizes of graduation gowns. Please review: Small: 3’ – 3’9” Medium: 3’10” – 4’1” Large: 4’2” – 4’5” All of the gowns are blue and come with the cap and tassel!

$40 · 30 minutes

Senior Sessions

Senior Sessions start with an in studio photography head shot session. Followed by an outdoor or indoor Senior session. Session are booked for 2 hours but never last that long, this is just in case we run into traffic. *Please be aware that your senior still has to attend their senior photography session held by the school to be placed in the yearbook. I am not allowed to send my photos for their Senior photos.

$80.00 $80 · 2 hours

Halloween Minis 10/25/2020 Only!

Bring your little ones for a photosession to remember 2020's Halloween outfits forever. Sessions are 10 mins.

20.00 $20 · 10 minutes

Veterans Day Minis

Our yearly Veteran Days Sessions will be 11/14/2020. These are for Veterans and their family members, as a thank you. If you are new to these, you must prove you're a veteran with your DD-214's

$30 · 30 minutes

Christmas Session---Starting 11/15

In studio ONLY. Christmas photos are an important staple for your holiday! You can book your session but, please make sure you do so for AFTER 11/15 only!

$60 · 45 minutes

Pine Valley Tree Farm- Nov 21st and 22nd ONLY

November 21st and 22nd Only, $60 for a 30 minute session, Photos are delivered via website. Pine valley farm is located 361 Fairview Road Elkton MD 21921 You may use your winnings on these sessions, but you HAVE to let me know you are using it when you book your session.

60.00 $60 · 30 minutes

Santa Photos 11/28th ONLY noon to 3pm

EXCITING NEWS Santa Photos will happen in studio. I know that I reported that they wouldn't but I talked it out with Santa and we are all booked for Nov 28th *Please understand these rules that I and Santa have -You may NOT come into the studio if you are sick at all! -No runny noses, coughs, anything -Everyone's temperatures will be taken at the door--if you have a fever you will not be able to come into the house -Everyone will have to sanitize down stairs before their sessions start then go up to see Santa. -Sessions are 5 mins long and cost $40 (Remember I have to pay Santa and my supplies) -Only Parents of the children being photographed are allowed in the studio. If you are not getting in the photos you must wear a mask. -Santa has requested some fun photos with you all too, so bring masks so we can remember this crazy time!

$40 · 5 minutes

Photography Sessions- In studio

In studio sessions are located at 5 Ashmed Ct Elkton MD 21921. (The only white house in the cul-de-sac)

$60 $60 · 30 minutes

Photography Session Outdoors

Outdoor sessions need to be approved by There's No Place Like Home Photography before it is booked. Please contact Tiffany before booking an outdoor session. Please be aware MOST discount cards DO NOT include outdoor sessions

$60 $60 · 30 minutes

Engagement Session

$60 · 1 hour


Tiffany Graham