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Our Services

Consultation, Haircut, Edging, Lather Shave of neck and sideburns, complementary mustache trim.
Beard trim
Trimming of beard with clipper
Hot Towel Shave
(7 Step!) 1.Steaming hot towel 2.Pre-shave oil 3.Hot lather 4. Shave with the grain 5.Hot lather 6.Shave against the grain. 7.Splash of after shave. (Add Beard Trim$10)
Jr & Senior Haircut
Beard & Hot Towel Shave
Donovan Haircut
All haircuts Appointments are $30.
Donovan Beard & Hot Shave
Donovan Beard Trim
Donovan Hot Shave
Starts off with a deep scalp shampoo and conditioner treatment. Followed by a haircut of your choice. Subsequent to a Steam shave then topped off with a luxurious facial.
Basic Facial
Recline under relaxing steam as this multi-step process cleanses, exfoliates, tones and moisturizes your most precious item, your face!
Gold Mask Facial
Facial, including a 30 minute bio-collagen mask prior to toning. Great for combating wrinkles and aiding facial smoothness
Shampoo and Style

Our Staff