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Manual Therapy

1st appointments, for work on specific areas and follow ups. If you would like to receive a Ten series of Structural Integration, you may book your first appointment as Structural Integration for 90 minutes.

$109 · 50 minutes

Precision Hydration Sweat Test

A scientific and very accurate, seated, painless and non exercise sweat test to determine your genetic sodium loss. Most people lose twice the amount of sodium that the current industry thinks. 1 in 5 people lose significantly more (4 to 6 times). This can be a game changer for athletes, physical laborers or those that sweat significantly.

$215 · 45 minutes

Coaching and Consulting

30 minutes

Structural Integration 90 minute

This is for Sessions 1 to 10 of Structural Integration only. Or if you have received the Ten Series and want a follow up. Please do not book one of these slots if you have an acute injury or if you cannot find another appointment.

$220 · 1 hour 30 minutes


Treatments for when Lawrence travels

$109 · 50 minutes


Lawrence van Lingen