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No wash, blow dry or style included. Complete haircut, anything and everything you can think of is included no matter how much hair you have or if you want bangs or thinning out, but if you are looking for a custom curly haircut please schedule under that specific service. Thank you so much beautiful ladies!

$30 · 45 minutes

Men’s color

May be color to cover grays, lightening, fun colors or anything of the sort. (I do not do men’s cuts)

Starting At $65 · 3 hours

Quarantine Comeback Transformation!

Starting at.. · 6 hours

Haircut & Style

Includes haircut, blow dry and style. Wash is optional, please specify if you’d like a wash.

$45 · 1 hour 15 minutes


Heat styled curls, please arrive with dry hair. If you’d like a wash and blow dry as well please book “wash, blowdry & style” instead.

$35 · 45 minutes

Wash, blowdry & style

Starting At $45 · 1 hour 45 minutes

Up-Do Style

Hello beauties! I do go to location and do earlier than 6am if needed, please text me or leave me a voicemail if you need me to go to you or earlier than 6am. Thank you!

$60 · 1 hour 30 minutes

All over color

All color services include complimentary haircut.

Starting at.. $90 · 3 hours 30 minutes

Lighten/Bleach root touch up

Complimentary haircut included on all lightening services. To be considered a root touch up the regrowth must be 2” or less.

Starting At $110 · 4 hours 15 minutes

All over lighten/bleach

Complimentary haircut included on all lightening services. Please make sure to NOT come in with freshly washed hair. Dirty hair is best!

Starting At $200 · 5 hours

Highlights (full head)

All over highlights. Complimentary haircut included on all lightening services. Please keep in that if we end up doing an other color service due to your own personal reasons other than full head of highlights requiring much less time the price charge will be as if we did a full head of highlights.

Starting At $250 · 6 hours


Complimentary haircut included on all lightening services. Hey!......hi beauties..... ssshhhhhhhhh..... but...... Balayage is secretly my favorite thing to do! *wink-blow kiss....XOXOXO

Starting At $180 · 4 hours 30 minutes

Makeup Application

Includes lashes Hello beauties! I do go to location and do earlier than 6am if needed, please text me or leave me a voicemail if you need me to go to you or earlier than 6am. Thank you!

$60 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Deep condition Olaplex

Repairing treatment ideal for those in need of strengthening hair, does not include a blow-dry or style.

$55 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Deep condition (Moisturizing)

Meant to infuse your hair with moisture, ideal for dry and compromised hair. Does not include a blow-dry or style.

$40 · 1 hour 30 minutes


Toner at the bowl alone as a service. Does not include haircut or blow dry or style.

Starting At $55 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Color correction

All color/lightening services include complimentary haircut.

Starting At $210 · 5 hours 30 minutes

Keratin Smoothing treatment

Smoothing treatment includes a complimentary haircut.

Starting At $230 · 4 hours 30 minutes

Extensions consultation

Clip-ins, tape-ins, micro-beaded, micro-track & halo. Please keep in mind that we can also do a consultation via messages at no cost or it will also be no cost if you come in and I am already here for other clients. The $10 charge is only if I have to come in only for the consultation and have no other clients at that time. Feel free to constant me for further information.

$10 · 35 minutes


All day is set aside for you and for the start of a complete major hair correction. If you never start you’ll never finish, let’s start today my beauties! Please message me directly if you’d like extensions to have them ready for you.

Starting At · 8 hours

Scalp Treatment

The purpose of a scalp treatment is to begin the process of cleansing the scalp of dryness, flakes or dandruff. At times a single treatment is enough or other times a month to month reoccurrence is required, especially when dandruff is the issue. But it will begin the healing and hopefully eventually keep it under control completely.

$45 · 2 hours

Bring a friend & get your hair done together!

Multiple beauties getting their hair done at the same time, no need to schedule multiple separate appointments anymore. Enjoy a little bonding time together.

Variable Price · 8 hours 30 minutes

Fun colors!!

Any type of fun colors that might possibly require lightening. Pricing is typically starting at and above $160, please be open to spreading a good while in the salon for best results.

Variable Price · 6 hours

Bang trim/get bangs

$20 · 30 minutes


Microbeaded, tape ins, clip ins, halo

Variable Price · 3 hours 30 minutes


Súper súper thin highlights creating dimension within.

Starting At $260 · 7 hours

Custom Curly Haircut

Each and every single haircut is customized to my individual client & their needs & desires, but the custom curly hair cut takes more technique & individual customization because those with curly hair know that it’s definitely not the same thing to work on curls as on any other texture of hair. The custom curly hair cut is only for those beauties that like to wear their hair curly and embrace their curls or are looking to start and recover/revive their curls. Even if you have curly hair but I do not like to wear it curly (straighten/blowdry or permanent straighten) then we can do just a regular haircut and you don’t need to schedule under the custom curly hair cut. Thank you my beautiful chinitas!!

$65 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Hair loss road to recovery !

Many people suffer with hair loss but it does not mean it has to progress as quickly as it is currently, sometimes we are able to stop the progression and use certain tactics to minimize the visibility of the thinning. This is a full consultation full of tips and tricks as well as a recommendation of exact products customized for your precise case. Let’s start your transformation and road to recovery today! Helping you feel comfortable in your own body is my goal! Love you all!

$45 · 1 hour

Haircut & Wash

Does not include a blowdry :)

$45 · 1 hour


The finest of the fine foiled sections covering all of your hair to get you as light as possible in that sitting with least strain on the hair. Best way to go light all over the quickest yet efficient and loving way for the hair. This does not mean you will be playing in when you leave (well some people might actually) it just means that you’re going to have a pretty darn big transformation! Love love love!

Starting At $300 · 8 hours


Neftali Lepe