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Remote Tarot Card Reading

3 Options

Remote Spiritual Guidance Full Session

Sliding scale available - contact us for details $100 · 1 hour

Remote Archetype Reading

2 Options

Remote Animal Totem Discovery

This is a remote animal totem discovery session. This reading is comprised of 2 one-hour sessions.

$200 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Remote Animal Totem Guidance

Guidance from your animal totems

3 Options

Remote Community Medicine - 02/25/2021 ONLY!!

This booking is for COMMUNITY MEDICINE APPOINTMENTS ONLY on 02/25/2021! These appointments will be REMOTE and will take place over Zoom! If you use this listing to book ANY OTHER DAY, Your appointment will be canceled. Please be sure to only use this for 11/22 bookings!

Free · 45 minutes

Remote Spirit Medicine Full Session

$100 · 1 hour

Remote Spiritual Guidance Assessment

Free · 15 minutes

Remote Wyld Academy Student check-in

For current Students enrolled in Wyld Academy Course programs

Free · 30 minutes

Raven Runyan, The Wyld Witch