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In-Home Services & Maintenance

Labor and Logistic Costs: -$50.00 Service Fee for any duties within the First Hour. -$25.00/hour for each TNT LLC Employee Required for Service being performed after the first hour. -Top Notch Tanks LLC is not liable for any customer owned equipment, parts, or electronics that were not purchased from TNT LLC. -$150.00 Service Fee for 24/7 Emergency Services IF ON ANY Federal Holiday. Hourly rates are $25.00/hour for each TNT LLC Employee Required for Emergency Service.

Starting at $50 · 1 hour

Water Sales/Delivery

$4.00/gal for Saltwater made with Red Sea Coral Pro Salt Mix. $3.50/gal for established water from TNT LLC SPS Reef Aquarium. $2.50/gal for RO/DI water. -10 gallon Minimum for Delivery. -120 gallons Maximum per delivery or pickup with 48 hour notice. -TNT LLC will delivery within 25 miles from our location.

Starting at $2.50 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Laser Pest Removal

Top Notch Tanks LLC has perfected the idea of Laser Pest Removal for glass aquariums, but we are the only true professionals as of now. This service depends on the specific treatment of a specific aquarium. The area near aquarium must be cleared of any persons prior to using laser. This procedure could be harmful to any bystanders not equip with personal protective equiptment. -$50.00 Service Fee to appear at Residence/Business. -$25.00/hour per TNT LLC employee required for service.

Starting at $75 · 1 hour


David DeGennaro