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Emotion Code

30.00 $60 · 45 minutes

Body Code

I want to offer my Emotion Code and Body Code services at a discount allowing you my consumers to benefit from my energy healing gifts. I also offer free essential oil classes virtually 2-3X per week! As you know we are in a situation to prevent spreading of coronavirous by avoiding close contact with people, stay home, wash your hands thoroughly and clean surfaces and objects daily. My energy healing services mayrelease anxiety, fear and pain. Give me a all and set up a time that is good for you!

30.00 $100 · 45 minutes

Pure Essential Oil free virtual classes

Why use pure essential oils? They are safe, effective and affordable! The benefits of each oil is as unique as you are. Join a FREE virtual class with me or my colleagues having fun learning how you can balance your health with a natural solution to fit the needs of you and your family! Remember the class is free, sign up to purchase your oils by

Free · 30 minutes


Marianne Winnett