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Kangaroo Drive By

Cobb's introduces a socially distanced kangaroo visit! We will pull up in front of your house and unload a clown car of animals to show you and teach you about! Animals include baby joeys and sugar gliders, with an option to add a tortoise, an iguana, snake, baby goat and/or turkey!

$120 · 20 minutes

Add Additional Animals to your Kangaroo Drive By

Add an additional animal to your Kangaroo Drive By! Only $20 per additional animal! Choices include a baby fainting goat, tortoise, iguana or snake! Let us know which animal you would like in the notes!

3 Options

Kangaroo Visit

Want more than just a Drive By? Enjoy baby kangaroos and sugar gliders for a full hour at your location!

$250 · 1 hour

Zoom Meeting with Baby Kangaroos!

Need to spice up your Zoom meeting? Invite a baby kangaroo! Or a baby goat! Or a sugar glider! Or an iguana! Or a snake! Provide your Zoom meeting link and let us know which animals you would like in the notes!

$50 · 20 minutes


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