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Providing manual therapy for 20+ years in Las Colinas, from Myofascial deep tissue to Neuromuscular to Prenatal to Therapeutic Stretching
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Our Services

Swedish Massage
Relaxing massage with long fluid rythmic strokes, medium to light pressure
Prenatal Massage
This service is provided after the first trimester up to delivery date when most discomforts in the body happen. Attention to proper draping and addressing individual discomforts are given while staying away from areas contraindicated. This service is performed side-lying, propped with pillows to make you comfortable, supported and safe.
Deep Tissue Massage
Therapeutic massage that includes deep body work and potentially stretching to help you relieve your muscles from knots and aches, a little painful but deeply satisfying
Myoflexion Massage
This is our signature service which focuses on overall body flexibility, it includes stretching to hamstrings , glutes, calves, chest, forearms, fingers, neck and shoulders. Not the most relaxing session but very effective at increasing range of motion,
TMJ + Neck /Back
This service is specific for Temporo-Mandibular Joint conditions that involve the cheek and temple muscles, the anterior and posterior neck muscles for bruxism relief and upper and lower back massage as it affects the condition. It includes an intra-oral massage (with gloves) for the Pteregoid and Masseter muscles, horribly painful, radically satisfying.
Comprehensive Massage
Hour and a half massage of our signature session covering full body

Our Staff

Dan Puig
Dan has 23 years of experience in therapeutic massage, he is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association