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Virtual Mentorship Day (VMD)

A day full day of 1:1 mentoring via text and voice messaging on Voxer. This is also excellent for helping you discuss and refine your offer, or put together your key marketing strategies and refine your video content systems. Ask any and all questions relating to business, strategy, brainstorming ideas, marketing, content, social media, your offers, your backend/tech setup, messaging, mindset. Anything you like. You can message me directly between 9AM and 5PM EST (Note: Square Appointments will show this as a 30-minute invite but you will have an 8-hour window to send me as many messages as you like.) The conversation will flow on and off between us all day as you have questions, reflect, take action and repeat… and you would use me as much or as little as you need. We won't be glued to the phone. Life will flow alongside. You’ll have plenty of time for day to day tasks… doing your work, looking after kids, attending to clients, self-care, etc. It's deep, energizing and fun! ⭐ Instructions ⭐ 1. Please make sure you've added me on Voxer (randyspillane) -- You can say hi now and I'll reply so we know it's working 🎉 2. Please feel free to send me your first DM message ahead of time. I will reply after 9am EST. Depending on your timezone, the latest we'll wrap things up is 5pm EST. 3. Please try to keep messages succinct(ish). Both voice and text messages are fine. I'll likely reply with a mixture. I'll try to be responsive as possible, and we may be able to do a little back-and-forth (especially if you're wildly outside my timezone), but this is also a work day for me so it's not as though we're on a call all day together 😉 4. While we can cover a lot of ground/different things on our day, I request that we tackle/discuss one topic at a time. It's totally fine if you have a long list of Qs to ask me, but I find it works best when we dig deeper into the topics one at a time. Discussing lots of differing unrelated things at once is super overwhelming for both of us.

$500 · 30 minutes


Randall Spillane