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Hair Cut (12yrs +)

Haircut: Any style Haircut (Excludes Afros/ ShapeUps)

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Hot Towel Head Shave

Hot Lather, Hot Towel and Straight Razor.

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Beard Maintenance or Hot Shave

We Will Consult with you to Achieve Desired Beard Maintenance. Includes 4 Hot Towel, AfterShave Creams, Cool Finish!!

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Facial Massage

Specially tailored treatment takes into account concerns unique to Gentlemens Skin. A thorough Cleansing , Smoothing Exfoliation, Refreshing Facial Message and Cooling Finish Every man should treat himself to this amazing facial. Try it out today!

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Beard Enhancement

Latest Beard Enhancing techniques for a full beard look & Krispy HotTowel Shave LineUp.

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Afro Sculpting (Men & Boys)

All Afro Styles Gumby, Kid & Play, Juice. Free Hand Sculpting

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Child Haircut (-12yrs)

Any Style (Excludes Afros & ShapeUps),

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Juan "Kookie Monsta" Aguilar

Traditional Barbering, providing clients with Quality Hair Cuts & Style, Hot Towel Straight Razor Shaves & Gentlemen's Facials, Beard Enhancements & Trims, Children's Cuts & Designs, ---@Kmonsta831 on IG,FB, for Portfolio or to Tag on your Experience.