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Nail Repair

repair of a broken or damanged nail. $10 for one nail, $15 for two.

$10 · 30 minutes

Gel Nails Full Set Short/Medium

Includes sculpted liquid gel nails and basic nail art. If your design is LONG nails or extravagant nail art - please select the extra length/extra nail art option. One or the other or both, I will need the extra 30 minutes because art takes time. If you aren't sure please text me a photo of your design :) Please do not be late - ten mins late is considered a cancellation, thank you!

$55 · 2 hours

Gel Fill Short/Medium

Includes new color and new design, if you need extra nail art (hand painted, more than four accent nails, stone work) please select the extra nail art option in addition to this service. If three or more nails are broken, the fill will be charged as a full set. If you are unsure if you need the extra nail art option then please text me a photo of your design. Thank you :)

$45 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Full Set Long Nails

$65 · 2 hours

Fill Long Nails

$55 · 2 hours

Extra Nail Art

$10 · 30 minutes

Full Set removal

Acrylic nails are safely removed using acetone if you have them from another salon. Sculpted gel nails done by me will be filed off. Clear base gel is applied if wanted.

Price Varies $25 · 40 minutes

Removal + Full Set - Short/Med

You’d like your current set of gel nails (done by me) removed and resculpted.

Starting at $70 · 2 hours 15 minutes