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Afros (Naturals)- Men and Women

Afros are considered to be any hairstyle that must be “picked out” or requires a clipper guard above “#2”. Accompanied with a beard trim, this style goes for $20.00. Half-fros and Nappy Top (also known as Curly Top) tapers are considered Afros.

$15 · 30 minutes

Fades & Tapers- Men and Women

Fades and tapers (blends) go for $14.00. Beard trims that accompany this style go for $20.00.

$14 · 30 minutes

Senior Citizen discounts- Men and Women

Senior citizens are considered anyone 65 and older. Other Senior citizen discounts include shaves ($6.00) and mustache trims ($5.00).

$11 · 30 minutes

Shape ups/ Trims- Men and Women

Shape ups/ trims are basically the outline and general "cleanup" of a particular hairstyle. Price: $7.00. Beard outline/ trim included goes for a total of $10.00.

$7 · 30 minutes

Haircut & Beard Trim/ shave

Beard trims and shaves (clippers or razor) go for $7.00. Mustache trims go for $6.00. Haircut and beard trim, or an Afro and beard trim, go for $20.00.

$20 · 30 minutes

Even Length cuts- Men and Women

Even cuts (same length on all sides) go for $13.00. Beard trims included with this style: $20.00.

$13 · 30 minutes

Children Haircuts (age 12 and under)

All children (12 and under) haircuts go for $12.00. Four or more children (same family) go for $10.00 each.

$12 · 30 minutes

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