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Water resistant face painting

Travel fees May apply

$150 · 1 hour

WATER RESISTANT Face Painting airbrush henna and tattoos

Water resistant face painting for one hour suitable for up to 10 kids if you have more than 10 kids please add extra time to the service.

$170 · 1 hour

Characters: baby shark, Minnie, mickey, Sonic etc

Encanto: Mirabel and Bruno. Baby shark, Cocomelon yay yay baby, Spider-Man, Sonic and tail, Toy story: Jessy , woody, buzzlighyear Mickey and Minnie Mouse Ana and Elsa etc

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Face painting, balloon anumals and 1 character

Price for NE San Antonio traveling more than 15 minutes price May change. Characters, Baby shark, Cocomelon, Spider-Man, Encanto Mirabel or Bruno , toy story etc

$250 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Pintacaritas y animalitos de globos

Simple designs, not Blings. Price is for parties up to 20 kids, if you have a big group the price May be other. please contact (210)4646556 * precio en San Antonio, fuera del área el precio incrementa según la distancia

$240 · 2 hours

Waterresistant sugarskulls

Sugar skulls airbrush water resistant makeup, great for long lasting desired, we use only FDA cosmetic paint, safe for face and body. Price is for one artist if you have a big group you may need 2 artists or more, each artist is able to paint 12-15 people in one hour depending the design required.

$150 · 1 hour

Face Painting 1 artist

We do not rush the children to decide what they what to have painted on, They manage the time at their convenience, we suggest 1 hour service is good for a small group of of up to 9 paintings. 2 hours up to 16-18, 3 hours 30 or more people, we listen to each one of them and make them feel special, we can nicely encourage them to do make a quick decision but we can NOt assure you to paint certain amount of kids, sometimes Can be more paintings than that or less depending on how fast the decides. Price for northeast San Antonio Area 78233 10 miles around, outside of The area the price will be different

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Face painting & Balloon animals

100% biodegradable balloons great designs & Face painting with Blings (gems) up to 15 people or can be more if they decided quick what they want to have painted, or less if they take long times to decide. if you have a larger party please ask me the price will be different or you may need one more artist text me (210)4646556

$240 · 2 hours

El Show de Ana Banana 2 horas

Pintacaritas o animalitos de globos por una hora, bailes interactivos, enseñanza de valores y magia dejando el mensaje a los niños de portarse bien. Aparición de Un personaje para el momento de las mañanitas junto al pastel. Personajes: Cocomelon, woody, Jessy, buzzlighyear, Mirabel, bruno, baby shark, Spiderman, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Sonic , tail, Ana, Elsa etc

$350 · 2 hours

balloon animals

Price is for parties 1 hr suitable for up to 15 kids, if you have a big group the price will be different or I can give you options. please contact (210)4646556 *Price for northeast San Antonio area, 78233 if is outside of the area the price will increase depend of your location due to travel expenses.

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Big event 2 artists face painting

Great for school fairs, openings, carnivals, or parties with more than 30 kids for one hour each artist can paint approx 9-15 persons per hour but is uncertain the number since each people take their time to decide what they want. If you have a larger number of guest you will need another artist please contact me (210)4646556 traveling fees May apply after 10 miles . Great for big events, fairs, carnivals etc travel fee May apply if traveling more that 10 miles

$480 · 2 hours

Face Painting 78233 zipcode

Price is for parties 8-10 kids one hour, 2 hr up to 18 kids, if you have a big group the price will be other. please contact (210)4646556 *Price for NE San Antonio area, if is outside of the area the price may increase depend of your location.

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