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Finger Printing - Live Scan

Fingerprints are recorded digitally and then printed onto the fingerprint card. This ink-less process yields high-quality prints without the mess of ink.

$19.95 · 20 minutes

EMS ID Badge

Student Photo ID Badge for the EMS Program.

$11 · 20 minutes

Finger Printing - Inked

Exemplar prints are captured by applying black printer's ink to the fingers & thumbs and rolling across a contrasting white applicant card. We provide FD258 cards as part of the service; however, we can print on customer supplied cards.

$29.95 · 30 minutes

Identification Cards

We offer a Personal ID Card that is manufactured using state-of-the-art card printing technology. We DO NOT produce "Novelty ID Cards" (Fake IDs). We also offer a full range of custom company/work ID Badges and accessories.

$21.95 · 20 minutes

Passport & Visa Photos

Full-colour digital photographs. Two (2) photographs per set. Standard U.S. passport and visa photos measure 2"x 2". We are also able to provide custom sizes.

$11.99 · 20 minutes


We offer a full range of Notary Services. Must present a valid State or Government issued ID to the Notary. Cost for services is regulated by the State and is as follows: 1st seal = $6.00. Add'l seal on same document = $1.00.

$6 · 20 minutes

ID Badge Graphic Design Consultation

To book an appointment with one of our graphic designers to assist with your design layout or logo development.

$85 · 1 hour 30 minutes