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David Boles has been a working author, dramatist, and producer for over 40 years. He can write, rewrite, edit, direct, produce, and revise anything that requires a story. David writes for BolesBlogs.com, publishes at BolesBooks.com, hosts the HumanMeme.com podcast, teaches at HardcoreASL.com, and is a Script Doctor at ScriptProfessor.com. If the goal of life is to think -- then first, we must remember -- and in that propagation of knowledge, we find ourselves suspended in amber. David was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, and bred in New York City. His MFA is from Columbia University in the City of New York. David is an active member of the Dramatists Guild, the Authors Guild, and PEN America. Please note during the booking process there are two locations: New York City and Jersey City. If one location is unavailable, check the other! If no slot fits your need, get in touch, and the moment will be created!
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Our Services

Script Doctor Consultation
Take a 30 minute phone meeting with your personal Script Doctor/Script Professor -- David Boles -- to discuss your dramatic script ideas for the live stage, the dead theatre, the empty space, radio, television, a musical extravaganza, or the movies! Get expert feedback on a pitch, or storyline! We may also discuss a price for a critical analysis, a rewrite, a quick fix, or a total plot reconstruction!
Boles Books Insight
Take 30 minutes to discuss your non-dramatic writing project over the phone with author, editor, and publisher, David Boles. We can determine a project fee if you need more help fixing your work, rewriting it, or coming up with something fresh and original. Plot analysis, and critical feedback, are also available for a negotiated fee. We may also discuss your Podcast and Social Media memes!
Working Together Live!
If you prefer not to work alone on your project, and if you prefer live -- one-on-one -- feedback, then David Boles is available to be your in-person resource! We can meet anywhere in the New York City area, or elsewhere if prepaid travel and expenses are covered. This service option is also valuable if you need critical feedback on a live production, or other performance event.
Writers Workshop Group
This workshop is built for more than one person. David Boles will work with your group -- in unison, or individually, or both! -- to help make your project better. There is no limit on the amount of people in your group. This workshop is available in the New York City area, or elsewhere if prepaid travel and expenses are covered. If you need a workshop for more than five people, please contact us for pricing.
ASL Online Tutoring
Study Hardcore American Sign Language online with Janna Sweenie! Each 30 minute session is one-on-one via Skype or FaceTime! Set up a reservation, and we'll be in touch with the details! We welcome anyone in the world to tutor with us live, online! If your best time is filled, get in touch! Janna Sweenie will be your tutor!
ASL In-Person Teaching
Get private, one-on-one, Hardcore, American Sign Language tutoring from Janna Sweenie! Each session is two hours. You will meet her in the New York City area, or elsewhere if prepaid travel and expenses are included. Set up your schedule, and we'll be in touch! Janna Sweenie will be your instructor!
Deaf Culture 101 Event
This live workshop is intended for small and large groups interested in learning about Deaf Culture, and in becoming more sensitive to the special needs of the disabled in schools, the workplace and in social settings. Topics include communication skills, the Americans with Disabilities Act, role playing, and language acquisition. Workshop can be built to meet your specific needs and agenda. Available in the New York City area, or beyond, with prepaid travel and expenses. If you need this event for more than five people, please contact us for pricing. Janna Sweenie and David Boles facilitate!
Curriculum Development
Do you need help forming a curriculum for mastering American Sign Language? Do you want to set up a dramatic writing program? We have 80 years of experience in teaching, and in knowing, and in propagating knowledge through expressive memetics. We build, and operate, certified learning programs! Let's start the process with this initial consultation in the New York City area, or elsewhere is prepaid travel and expenses are included. If you need a development meeting for more than five people, please contact us for pricing.

Our Staff

David Boles
The universe moves in a thought, and changes. Sometimes you need help making that human transition. David Boles can help fix what you know and facilitate new modes of thinking to learn what has yet to be formed into wisdom. David Boles shares your memetic!