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Brazilian Waxing Co. is a boutique spa specializing in body waxing for both Women and Men. We specialize in full body waxing for you ladies and guys with the highest quality, hypoallergenic hard and soft waxes.

Our philosophy is do one thing and do it awesomely--- Waxing. We specializing in Brazilian Waxing, Eyebrow Shaping, and Full Body Waxing, and have developed our skills over many years and thousands of waxes. Most Brazilian services are completed in 15 minutes so your waxing experience will be quick yet meticulous. Because maintaining a sterile environment is SO important to us we use hospital grade cleansing practices on every surface.

Most importantly, we strive to give you the very best experience possible.

Come see why we are Chicago’s new favorite waxing boutique.
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Our Services

Brazilian - Womens
Traditional Brazilian waxing removing all the hair down there or leaving a shape at the top, plus between the cheeks.
Brazilian Modified - Womens
Removal of all or some of the hair in the bikini area, minus between the cheeks.
Bikini Line - Womens
A nice clean-up removing hair along the bathing suit line sides and top.
Pregnancy Brazilian - Womens
If you're rocking a tiny baby bump or can't see your toes, I've got you covered girl. Extra time & super gentle wax make this service more bearable for the uber sensitive.
Manzilian Brazilian - Mens
The full manscaping experience, with removal of all the hair down there.
Manzilian Partial - Mens
A modified version of the Manzilian Brazilian with removal of either groin or scrotum plus between the cheeks.
Arms Full - Womens
Full arm plus hands and fingers.
Arms Half - Womens
Either elbow to shoulder (or) elbow to hands. Includes fingers for lower arms.
Back - Womens
All hair removed from entire back.
Butt Cheeks - Womens
All hair waxed on outer part of cheeks.
Legs Full - Womens
Full leg plus feet and toes.
Legs Upper (Thigh) - Womens
Thigh area to just above the knee.
Legs Lower - Womens
From the knee down, plus feet and toes.
Brazilian/Full Leg Combo - Womens
Stomach - Womens
Underarms - Womens
Brazilian/ Underarm Combo - Womens
Arms Full - Mens
Full arm plus hands and fingers.
Arms Half - Mens
Either elbow to shoulder (or) elbow to hands. Includes fingers for lower arms.
Back & Shoulder Combo - Mens
The whole shebang for removing all of the hair on back, shoulders and top of arms.
Back Full - Mens
All the hair off the back.
Back Partial - Mens
A great waxing solution to remove patchy back hair.
Butt Cheeks - Mens
All hair waxed on outer part of cheeks.
Chest - Mens
Leg Full - Mens
Full leg plus feet and toes.
Leg Upper (Thigh) - Mens
Thigh area to just above the knee.
Leg Lower - Mens
From the knee down, plus feet and toes.
Neck & Hair Line - Mens
This is one of the best mens waxing services. Forget about needing the constant neck/ hairline cleanup. Wax it and stay smooth until your next haircut!
Stomach - Mens
Underarms - Mens
Removal of hair on inner and outer ear.
Eyebrows are one of the most prominent features on the face. We take time and great care to give you your Dream Brows, with custom shaping and cleanup of eyebrows.
Brazilian/Eyebrow Combo - Womens
Eyebrow Tint/Eyebrow Wax Combo
Eyebrow Tint
Custom brow tinting giving your brows more definition, fullness, shape and color. All tints are custom mixed to match your desired shade.
Eyelash Tint
Custom lash tinting makes your natural lashes look longer, darker & more voluminous. All tints are custom mixed to your specification resulting in your desired shade.
Lash & Brow Tint Combo
Face - Full
Includes eyebrows, lip, chin, cheeks, & sideburns.
Face - The Wax Facial 
This is a full face + neck waxing to remove any hair, plus spot dermaplaning w/ blackhead extraction. This is the best way to get rid of unwanted hair, peach fuzz, dry skin and the dreaded blackheads!!
Removal of hair on upper lip
Eyebrow/Lip Combo - Womens
Removal of all of those pesky nose hairs!
As much or as little hair removed from sideburn area on face.

Our Staff

Esthetician April
April does women's and men's full body waxing :)

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