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Basic Shine

Clean, condition, cream, wax, brush, buff towel. Using Saphir products. Shoe shine lasts about 5 - 7 days. Basic Shine $8 - Chukka $10 - Boot $15 (*Add $5 for Off The Foot charge = OTF - Takes twice as much time)

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Seattle Shine

Clean, condition with leather lotion, Saphir creme, Saphir wax, plus two more coats of Superior wax, brushing in between each coat, buffing towel. Lasts about 2 - 4 weeks Seattle Hard Shine good for rainy weather. Wax does more than just polish, it cleans, preserves, water-proofs, and restores. A blend of pure carnauba wax, beeswax, and the finest grade of other waxes and oils. Regular shoe $12 - Chukka $15 - Boot $18 - Takes 15 - 20 minutes - Depending on the condition of the shoe/chukka/boot. Add $2. for shoes/chukka/boots size 12 or larger (*Add $5 for Off The Foot charge = OTF - Takes twice as much time - doing one shoe at a time. Plus we take the shoe laces out and clean and condition the tongue, clean the bottom of the shoes, and use a shoe refresher for the inside of the shoe, if you need new laces, we'll text you to see if you want new ones. )

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Presidential Shine

--Using Saphir MD'Or Renovateur leather lotion, Saphir Pommadier Creme Polish, Saphir MD'Or Wax Brush, then use cotton towel.--- --Regular Shoe $18.00-- --Chukka $23.00,-- --Boot shine $28.00-- --Saphir Medaille D'Or Cream Shoe Polish is widely considered to be the best shoe polish in the world.-- -- (*Add $5 for Off The Foot charge = OTF - Takes twice as much time)--- -- Widely considered the best by shoe aficionados, Saphir's Medaille d'Or range of shoe polish contains only the highest-quality, all-natural ingredients. -- Absolutely no petroleum-based or synthetic ingredients are used. -- With its all-natural, pine-based turpentine solvent and pure waxes, you can literally smell the difference with Saphir shoe polish.--

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Cordovan Leather Shine

--Clean, use Saphir Renovateur, --Apply Saphir Cordovan Cream Shoe Polish Cordovan Shine --$22 -- Chukka $27 --- Boot $32– --Renovateur-- --All-purpose cleaner and conditioner.-- --Perfect for smooth calfskin, crocodile, alligator, ostrich, and cordovan.-- --Water-based formulation - no solvents.-- --Rejuvenates leather through deep conditioning.-- --Saphir's CORDOVAN leather cream is a formula with bees wax, a high concentration of pigments and neatsfoot oil to penetrate deep into the leather and to keep it very smooth but without expanding pores.---(*Add $5 for Off The Foot charge = OTF - Takes twice as much time)--- --------------------------- --This deer bone contains its own oils and, importantly, has rounded edges that protect leather from damage. Use the deer bone to eliminate creases.--- ---

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Clayne is the Founder and CEO of Old Style Shoe Shine-Repair Co. He added the Saphir brand because of it was better for the leather, and works on all leather products. I've shined shoes on a professional level going into my 20th year. I've worked on all kinds of leather I have an eye for detail and color, expanding my education in leather color restoration. Experience with all types of leather from calf, cow, bull, pig, deer, ostrich, snake, lizard, alligator, crocodile, elephant, stingray, shark, Shell Cordovan and many more.