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Blessed to help you CRAFT your Style
12:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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Our Services

Green Circle (Environmental Waste Dispaosal Fee)
We are members of a salon industry program that is environmentally conscious;y disposing of our waste, This includes hair, plastics, paper and hair. We thank you very much for supporting us and our industry to do our part.
Craft It Coaching Consultation
Consultation to determine needs, desires, and strategy. $25 goes towards coaching sessions determined. Craft your: Style, Flow, Culture, or Soul Journey. For more info. go to
Craft It Meditation Coaching
Guidance on becoming present, activating Chakras, strengthening visualization/manifestation and weaving masculine and feminine energies for the purpose of self healing and learning to live Tantrically in one's own bliss.
Craft It Breakthrough Coaching
Guidance in identifying blockages mentally physically and/or spiritually, utilizing visionary techniques to bust through mistaken beliefs, implementation of new stories and mantras for forward movement and joy. Broken into 3/90 min sessions. ($111 discount for pkg commitment) Do these as quickly or spread out as comfortable. Phone and email support included.
Craft It Executive/Energetic Coaching
I'm a master at taking high performing peeps and skyrocketing them in their professional performance.
Haircut Women
Shampoo, cut, dry
Haircut Women's Elite
Shampoo, cut, dry and includes iron style Also may apply to extra amount of hair.
Haircut Men
scissors, clippers, shampoo, style
Haircut Children
10 and under, and depending on amount of hair.
Haircut Maintenance
In between appointments clean up. (Neck, ears, fringe, weight)
Aromatherapy Scalp Massage
Through scent and touch you can choose to relax or invigorate. Add to any other service.
Aromatherapy Hand Massage
Add relaxation or invigoration to any of your services.
Shampoo Blow Dry
Shampoo Blow Dry Elite
Includes Iron Works
Color One Dimensional
One color root to ends for hair above shoulders. Longer hair warrants and additional color charge of $30.
Color Regrowth
Root Retouch. up to 1" of grow out.
Color Multi Dimensional
Creating dimensionality in hair using multiple formulations with different tones.
Color Additional Color
This pertains to additional color being applied for long/thick hair.
Color Bleach and Tone
Two step lightening process. Extra charge for grow out longer than 3/4".
Color Lights Partial
Up to 1/2 head, foils or painting, low or high (dark or light)
Color Lights Full
Foils or painting full head (dark or light)
Color Lights Mini
Face framing or panels, LOW OR HIGH (10 or less foils/painting)
Color Lights Mini Add On
Adding mini high or low lights to an all over color.
Color Lights Full with Regrowth
High or Lowlights with regrowth touch up in between.
Color Lights Partial with Regrowth
High or Lowlights with regrowth touch up in between.
Color Correction
$100/hr (Min 3 hours)
Brow, Lip, Chin
Formal Styling
Bridal or Special Occasion up styles
Bridal Hair
Includes a practice appointment.
Bridal Makeup
Includes practice appointment.
Makeup Application
Makeup Lesson
Application, techniques, and face chart

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