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You can change your weight, health and life through our program of B12 compounded signature cocktails. Let us design a plan for you ...its time to start living your most vibrant life! We can show you how.
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Our Services

The Skinny
This 30 minute infrared sauna session burns 600 calories and leaves you energized and radiant.
New Patient Shot Consultation
First time clients are screened for injectable vitamin therapy. An injectable cocktail will be selected based on your wellness goals and is included in the consultation fee.
DeTox & DASH
20 minute Infrared sauna session to detox, energize and slenderize the body. Sauna prep: Be freshly showered without body products, don't eat 60 minutes prior and hydrate before your session.
The Traveller
This 30 minute session will detox all environmental toxins, radiation, stress and germs from the planes, trains, automobiles and culture of your last adventure. We've added color therapy to stimulate lymphatic movement and clear respiratory stressors.
Glow Getter
The 30 minute session is designed to get your glow on using a blend of light, frequency and infrared deep tissue detox for skin purification, rejuvenation, collagen production and tissue repair. Bye-Bye Snapchat filters hello fabulous skin!
Relax & ReVibe
This is a 40 minute detox and energy balancing session for the soul. Your Chakras and light body will be ReVIBED using infrared deep tissue detox + harmonizing color therapy + healing Solfeggio tones.
B-Skinny Infrared Sauna & Shot Package
B Skinny Infrared Sauna & Shot Package Six B-Skinny Shots & Six Infrared Saunas One 30 minute session burns 600 calories, releases toxins from fat cells, reduces cellulite and leaves you feeling lighter, brighter and energized.
B Skinny Infrared Sauna/Shot Package Session 2-6
Book this is you have already purchased the six pack of sauna and shot package and this is session 2-6 of your package.
Frequency Balancing

Our Staff

First Consultation & Shot
New clients are seen by appointment only. This consultation does include one shot.
Lanette Simone

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