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Massage Therapy: Table Massage

**Regulars and Students get $10 off an hour or longer** Table massages are catered to your individual needs and this pricing applies to all table massages unless otherwise listed. (including relaxation, deep tissue, therapeutic, sports, prenatal, etc.) Couples massages are booked separately and charged per person as listed.

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SALT FLOAT (sensory deprivation)

**90 minute floats are $60 for regulars/students or $50 if added to another service. Reduce external stimuli to allow for ultimate relaxation of the mind and body. Experience near weightlessness as your body is suspended in a solution of water and 1000lbs of high quality epsom salt. Decompress your joints, reduce muscle pain, and clear your mind. More info about salt floats:

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Facial Services (see description)

30 Min Facial: Cleanse, exfoliate, mask ,hydrate 45 Min Facial: Cleanse, exfoliate, extractions, mask, hydrate 60 Min Facial: Cleanse, exfoliate, extractions, massage, mask, hydrate

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Massage: COUPLES (book TWICE, one for each therapist)

**Couples Massages are a bit easier to schedule by contacting us directly. If you book online, please remember that they must be booked for each person separately, so you'll need to check availability and make sure we have two therapists open for the day/time you are wanting. Table massages are catered to your individual needs and this pricing applies to all table massages unless otherwise listed. (including relaxation, deep tissue, therapeutic, sports, prenatal, etc.) Couples massages are charged per person as listed. >>>Please remember to schedule it for each person so that it shows up on both therapist's schedule :) This will automatically book you for table massages, but if one person prefers another type of massage, please let us know in the notes so we set up the correct stuff! (price will vary for different types of massages)

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Table massages are catered to your individual needs, and prenatal massages utilize a pregnancy pillow that allows for comfortable positioning with a growing baby. If you would like to schedule another type of massage (thai, sonic massage, etc) then just let us know and we can get that set up!

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Thai Massage

Students/Regulars receive $10 off an hour+ Traditional Thai Massage Traditionally performed in Thailand, this massage technique is wonderful for realigning the body and its energy. Thai massage is typically done while the client is fully clothed & on a comfortable mat on the floor. The therapist works along a series of acupressure points (sen) throughout the body and also performs joint mobilization and stretching. Although it is not "yoga", it has sometimes been described as like "having yoga done to you".

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Thai/Table Mix

$10 off for students/regulars We split the massage however you want depending on your individual needs and goals. Typically the hour long combo consists of about 40 minutes Thai and 20 minutes on the table. The 90 minute combo is typically a 45/45 or 60/30 split (but again, we customize it to meet your needs)

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Sonic (Sound) "Massage"

Sonic "Massage" utilizes Himalayan singing bowls to create a gentle cocoon of sound and vibration throughout your body. During this session, singing bowls will be placed around your body and played, helping to put your mind into a deep state of relaxation. Singing bowls will also be placed ON the body, sending vibrations through your muscles to release tension and stagnant energies within your body. The 15 minute Chakra Flow sound relaxation consists of bowls surrounding the body only (for a gentle vibrational sound bath, but this does NOT include bowls being used on the body)

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Abdominal Massage (for digestive and reproductive health)

This service begins with a caster oil pack and reflexology, and then abdominal massage and possibly some Thai massage/acupressure depending on your particular situation. The initial session (or sessions that are over a month apart) last a bit longer (30-45min) while same-month follow-ups typically take closer to 20-25 minutes. Abdominal massage is not just for women trying to conceive. It can help regulate hormones, relieve digestive issues, cramps, irregular menstrual cycle/flow, help ease pain from endometriosis, and lessen the symptoms of premenopause. It is also great for releasing emotional stress and anxiety that is often stored in the abdominal area/solar plexus chakra.

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$10 ADD-ON Services

for $10, you can add any of the following services to your massage! Foot scrub, Cold stones, Paraffin dip for the hands, Cupping (5-10min during massage), Sonic Massage/Singing Bowls (5-10min during massage), MUSE Headband (during or after massage)

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Hot Stone Massage (Full Body)

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Lymphatic / Lymphedema Massage

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Oncology Massage

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Thai Foot Reflexology

Thai Foot Reflexology consists of massage and acupressure on the foot and lower leg. Ashley begins with some general massage and then continues by pressing on various sen/acupressure points throughout the feet and lower leg, sometimes using a small wooden stick. She does some stretching and joint mobilization, and with the hour long sessions she generally leaves about ten minutes to work on the neck and shoulders or wherever you may need a little extra attention to balance out the energy.

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Sauna Session (far-infrared)

Far-infrared sauna session, up to 30 minutes Infrared saunas are a safe and effective tool for natural healing and pain/illness prevention. Far infrared heat is often used for detox, pain relief, to ward off colds, and even to help burn calories. Include a guided meditation and essential oils to really "sweat with intention" (+$5)

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Reiki / Energywork

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MUSE Meditation Headband

The MUSE is a brainwave sensing headband that can be used to track brain states. Booking a session allows you to use the MUSE app (on your own or our device) and go through a guided meditation process. Sessions are 15 or 30 minutes long but if you prefer another length of time, please feel free to contact us. We set you up with the headband and the app in a comfortable area by yourself for this meditation. It is also possible to use MUSE during another service if you simply want to see the brainwave information without the meditation aspect.

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Spa Package: Pamper-Me Package

includes: One hour massage Paraffin dip for the hands Foot (salt) scrub 30 min sauna session

$90 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Spa Package: Mermaid's Escape

Exfoliate your skin and stimulate muscles with a full body salt scrub or body polish and moisturizing seaweed wrap. While relaxing in the warm seaweed cocoon, you will receive a 20 minute massage for your head/neck/feet. After showering, relax with a moisturizing 50 minute full body massage OR a 90 minute salt float. (Note: If you choose the float instead of the massage, please make a note in the appointment details or text/call us so we can make sure the float pod is available when you need it)

$110 · 2 hours

Ashley Sparks

Christyna Mills


Lisa Woods
Salt Float/Sensory Deprivation