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Complementary TeleHealth Consultation (15 min)

This is a great way to connect with Dr. Kyle when physically meeting in person is simply not an option. Use this time to go over posture, at home exercises, nutritional medicines, and any changes that need to be applied to your wellness lifestyle.

Free · 15 minutes

New Patient Exam

This is where your healing starts. If you have never been seen by Dr. Kyle before, this appointment is for you. We budget a full hour to go over a thorough health history along with relevant orthopedic and neurological exams. The first adjustments are also part of this appointment.

$160 · 1 hour

Chiropractic Adjustment

This is our standard artful, spinal, Chiropractic adjustment appointment. Dr. Kyle will perform a full spine analysis and adjustment of the needed areas. You will leave feeling significantly improved compared to when you walked in. This type of appointment is for established patients only. If you have never been seen by our office before, please schedule a “New Patient Exam”.

$60 · 20 minutes

Family Chiropractic Adjustments

Family appointments are Dr. Kyle’s absolute favorite! For all our established patients who are in the same family, we offer this type of incentivized family care. This allows for a family of 3, 4, 5, 6 & up to have access to the care they need. If you and your family have never been seen by our office before, please schedule a “New Patient Exam” appointment first. Every individual must have a New Patient Exam first.

$120 · 1 hour

Nutritional Consultation

Dr. Kyle also practices functional medicine. Our office can equip you with comprehensive testing, even if your regular doctor cannot due more advanced testing. For the analysis of these test results, and for more involved cases, we have this type of appointment available for our patient community. If you’ve never been seen by Dr. Kyle before, please select the “New Patient Exam” type first.

$90 · 30 minutes

Nutritional Medicine Pickup

Are you trying to just swing by the office and pick up some nutritional medicines from the office? No problem! Simply schedule a time and let Dr. Kyle know what nutritional medicines you need by texting 734-335-0533. Here to support you 100%!

Free · 15 minutes


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