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The perfect introductory set! Not sure how lashes will look on you... test the waters first with a Mini Surf Set! Designed with time and budget in mind! Need to be in and out in a flash?.... mini sets are a great option! Continue with mini sets at your convenience, or upgrade to regular fills later. Unlike fills, Mini sets are a flat rate regardless of the amount of time that's passed. Come in for another Mini 2-weeks later, or 6 weeks later... for the same $80 rate. Mini sets consist of approximately 1/2 the amount of lashes compared to a Tidalwave full set. Mini's provide a NATURAL look ~ plenty to polish and define the lash line with subtle lift and curl!

$80 · 45 minutes


A soft feminine effect created by applying light-weight hand-made 3D lash fans to your individual natural lashes. This service level is ideal for those desiring a natural look slightly enhancing the lash line, or for those with sparse, delicate, or thinning natural lashes.

$175 · 1 hour 30 minutes


Creates a denser lash line by applying hand-made 3D - 6D silk volume lash fans of varying lengths to your individual natural lashes. Ideal for those desiring a more voluminous look that eliminates the need for mascara! Luxury volume lashes are one of our most popular choices!

$250 · 2 hours


This package includes a full set of custom designed lashes, an organic Lash Fresh lash cleanser, and a 1-week followup (complimentary) fill. Your lashes will be specifically designed according to your personal preferences and physical features. $375 value. (excludes Mega Volume service level/s). Your stylist will schedule your complimentary fill upon completion of your full set!

$300 · 2 hours

1 week FILL

1 week eyelash extension fill / touch-up provided approximately 1 week after last application. Fills are customized to your preferred level of volume (light, moderate, mega).

$70 · 45 minutes

2 week FILL

2 week eyelash extension fill provided approximately 2 weeks after last application. Fills are customized to your preferred level of volume (light, moderate, mega).

$100 · 1 hour

3-4 week FILL

3 to 4 week eyelash extension fill provided approximately 3-4 weeks after last application. 5+ weeks requires new full set. Fills are customized to your preferred level of volume (light, moderate, mega).

$125 · 1 hour 30 minutes


Are your lashes looking a little worn? Consider an in-studio lash bath! Compound daily wear, exposure to the elements, and makeup buildup... an extra deep cleaning can sometimes be inevitable! Atlantis uses a specially formulated organic lash bath in conjunction with special brushes that will remove dirt, oil, debris, makeup residue and bacteria from the lash line, restoring your extensions back to their beautiful, fluffy, freshly applied state. While lash baths can and should be performed at home as part of your lash maintenance routine, they're extra beneficial in conjunction with your fills!

$10 · 10 minutes


Lash removal or corrective services from work performed by other lash technicians, is quick and easy. Be sure to always select a certified lash professional! Complimentary with any new full set.

$40 · 30 minutes


Hello! My name is Jessica. I am a licensed eyelash extension stylist, and owner of Atlantis! NOTE: Online booking is open to current and previous guests! NEW GUESTS welcome by referral only (please add your referring guest's name to your booking notes, or feel free to call for assistance). I look forward to working with you!