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hair stylist and hair colorist with over 20 yrs experience has worked in major top hair salons in NY and SF.
10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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Our Services

Women’s Haircut
Service includes relaxing shampoo with massage and a blow dry.
Men’s haircut starts at $70-$120
A $70 haircut is a basic haircut a little more than a clean up of your existing Haircut. Service includes a relaxing shampoo with scalp massage and blow dry.
Blow dry
Includes a relaxing shampoo and scalp message. And Appropriate styling products for desired blow dry affect.
Full head of high lites
Using foil to give hints of tone and contrast to achieve a natural color to hair. Service includes a relaxing shampoo with massage and blow dry.
Partial high lite
Using foil to give hair a natural color and contrasting tones. Top of the crown the sides and top front of hair is a partial service.
One process (tint) tint touch up.
Application of color to the roots also called a tint touch up. Service includes a relaxing shampoo with scalp message and a blow dry.
Tint and partial high lite.
Color is applied to all the roots with a desired shade and a partial high lite, top of crown sides and front top Service I’m includes a relaxing shampoo with scalp message and blow dry.
Tint and full highlight
A desired color is applied all over the roots and a full head of high lites is applied. Service includes a relaxing shampoo with a scalp massage and a blow dry.
Clear Glaze (adds shine to hair)
This services is for everyone it gives .. frizzy hair calming condition to the hair and lots of shine, has also been known give hair-volume last in the hair for 3-4 weeks Service includes a relaxing shampoo scalp massage and blow dry adding it to your blow dry service or haircut for a short treatment.
Consultation appointment
This service is a meet and greet of sorts I use this service time to discuss a clients hair color or haircut or up-do style. for special occasions, perms
Full Balayage
A French technique for highlighting hair and a supernatural way that still leaves a little bit of a shadow at the root this is an excellent choice for those who have tight schedules and would be fine going extra time with out a touch up.
Partial Balayage
A French technic giving hair a natural high lite yet still leaving a shadow at the root this service is perfect for a low maintenance. Color client who just want to add a sparkle and or contras for dimension
Bang trim
This appointment is for a fringe trim also knows as a bang trim and should only take about 10 to 15 minutes if. No charge gratuity appreciated.
Virgin Hair bleaching: bleach root touch up: Bleach and tone:
Virgin Hair bleach is to start from scratch. When going lighter from any kind of darker naturals hair color. To bleach unnatural color would be considered a bleach color correction if your wanting to go lighter from any shade pre colored hair. Bleach root touch up is to only apply to the root area and lift to match pre existing bleaching of the shaft. In most occasions a toner is applied to match pre existing bleaching. This would be considered a bleach and tone.

Our Staff

Jess Cabral
With over twenty years of experience Jess still brings a hip funky modern style that expresses today’s views of color and style to Mach every individual. As Jess says letsaddsomeshape&colortoourlives.