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Intro to Entrepreneurship

During this intro call, you will articulate your business needs and goals and allow me to assess what resources, support, and guidance I can offer as you work to grow your business.

Free · 15 minutes

Build Your Business Toolkit

Are you having trouble finding the right partners, connections and resources to truly fulfill your business vision? Using The Gray Matter network and other helpful resources, I'll help you identify the people, partnerships and resources you need to move to the next phase in your business. You'll get a list of resources, a guide to enhance your business and up to 3 contacts that will help you grow your business.

$125 · 30 minutes

Let's Dig In

Have an idea and just want some feedback on how to make it better? Want to pick my brain to see how I started my business? How to prepare to leave your corporate job? How to fundraise? Build partnerships? Or something else altogether? During this session, I’ll leave you with as many resources and takeaways as I can, allowing you to leverage the information for your business goals.

$75 · 30 minutes

Strategic Planning

Have an idea but not entirely sure how to start? Have a business you’re currently running and ready to take it to the next level? During this session, we'll work to outline your goals and what resources exist to help you accomplish them. You'll walk away from this session with a plan of execution and a list of resources that will help you put the plan in motion to grow your business. *Please note: In order to complete the 4-week business coaching, you must first complete a Strategic Planning session.

$225 · 30 minutes

Business Coaching

** Note: Pricing is for 12 hours of coaching over a 4 week period.** Need more help building and launching your idea? I'm here to help! Through this 4-week coaching option, we'll work through each part of your business plan: Week 1: Competitive Analysis & Market Research Week 2: Target Market/Customer Profile Week 3: Marketing & Sales Week 4: Pitch/Story Crafting and Launch Strategy This option will allow us to ensure your idea and execution are in the best shape to make the money and impact that we're sure it can make. This option means you're ready to DO THE WORK! *Please note: This option consists of 3 hours weekly for 4 weeks. 12 hours of total coaching.

$2,375 · 1 hour

Rochelle Levy

I’m Rochelle Levy-Christopher… …And I believe my purpose on Earth is to serve entrepreneurs just like you. Whether you’ve mastered the world of business and need some extra support, or you have no clue where to start—I guarantee you, you’re in the right place. Because I myself experienced transition and the famous ups and downs of business…I can totally relate to wherever you are on your journey. I remember the days of being stuck, frustrated, and confused—but the moment I understood there was a method to making this whole business and branding thing work, I buckled down, got to work, and put my very own system to the test! A system that can work for you too.