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The mission of Mayer Wellness, LLC is to empower people to take control of their wellness. I help people understand their bodies and what they can do to control pain and improve their quality of life. I provide one to one appointments with a focus on the use of myofascial release for pain management. I also offer one to one alignment, strengthening and stretching sessions for improved body alignment, strength and flexibility.
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Our Services

New Client: Myofascial Release Evaluation and Treatment Session
If I've never worked with you, it is important I get to know you first. Every new client must schedule an Evaluation and Intervention session for their first appointment. This includes a review of your history and primary concerns, a basic wellness assessment, and an assessment of your body alignment/posture. This will help me design the best possible intervention session for you. This session also includes a minimum of 45 minutes of treatment. We wrap up with recommendations for stretching and movement to support your healing. Please wear or bring a sleeveless top and shorts with a stretch waist. Bring a water bottle if you have one. It is very important to hydrate after a treatment. I look forward to meeting you!
Follow-up: 1.5 hour MFR Session
You may decide an hour MFR session just isn't long enough to meet your needs. If so, you are welcome to book a longer session.
Follow-up: 1 hour MFR Session
During this 1 hour session we'll begin with a review of how you are feeling, look at your alignment to determine patterns of tightness, then get started with lots of MFR. We'll wrap up with a review of your homework to be sure you are doing all you can to feel great between sessions.
Follow-up: 30 minute MFR Session
New Client: Well-FIt Consultation
A wellness coach can help you create a reasonable plan and stick with it. There are many dimensions of wellness: emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical, environmental, financial, occupational, and social. I specialize in the physical and spiritual dimensions. Creating a plan that is meaningful and achievable is what leads to success!
Follow-up: Well-Fit Consultation .5 hour
Meeting with your coach to practice skills and discuss progress towards your goals will help keep you on track.
New Client: Individual Fascia Focused Yoga Evaluation
If I haven't work with your before, it is important I get to know you. During the evaluation session we'll discuss your history and goals for your yoga practice. We'll assess your body alignment and abilities. We'll try several poses together to see what feels the best. This information will help me design the best possible yoga practice for you.
Follow-up: Individual Fascia Focused Yoga Session
During this time we'll move through a yoga practice designed specifically for you at a pace you prefer. Each session can be similar or very different depending on your preferences. We'll start with how you are feeling and wrap-up with a short discussion related to your yoga goals.
On-Site Ergonomic Consultation
I can travel to your home or workplace to complete an ergonomic evaluation of your workstation. If you are outside the Omaha metro area, contact me before scheduling.
New Client: Posture and Body Alignment Evaluation
Proper body alignment has a significant effect on your overall health and wellness. Ongoing misalignment of your joints while at rest or during activities leads to a variety of health concerns. I use a 35 point checklist to evaluate your standing posture and provide recommendations for realignment. Good body alignment during work, rest and play creates a better baseline and allows all your other health and wellness activities to work better.
New Client: Myofascial Stretching Consultation
During this session we will discuss your goals for stretching which may be to control pain, reduce body tension, improve function or promote wellness. We will also identify areas of tension in your body after a body alignment and movement assessment. We will then create a myofascial focused stretching program designed specifically for your body.

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