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30min Psychic Mediumship

During this 30minute session I will channel your spirit guides so you can ask life questions, and guidance. I can channel passed loved ones, animal communication, or passed pets that you wish to talk to. I also use oracle cards during readings. Anything we can fit into the time slot 馃挆

$25 路 30 minutes

Quick Questions

Not sure about psychic Mediums? Or maybe you just have a few questions that have been bugging you. Or animal communication.Then this service is for you 馃グ I will also include an oracle card for guidance.

$15 路 15 minutes

Custom Crystal Items

I make custom healing bracelets, anklets, keychains, pendulums, car charms, door charms, and necklaces. I make these by channeling your spirit guides or a passed loved one. Please be sure to send me a direct message on Facebook at Or leave a number I can text you at 馃挆

$12-$40 路 45 minutes

Custom Oil Blend

I make custom roller bottle oils for you specifically. They can be made for whatever you like. Examples are :Protection, stress, happiness, and intuition. I make these with your spirit guides

$16 路 40 minutes

Distant Reiki

Please give me at least 24 hours heads up when booking please. If you need something earlier, please contact me directly :) I can send distant Reiki healing to you, your loved ones, or pets. I do a live video in a private event page for you. The live video is accessible for a week. You may watch it as often as you like or need during that time. Reiki has many wonderful benefits that help heal emotionally and physically. Please give me 24 hours notice when booking 馃挆馃檶

$40 路 35 minutes

Crystal Grids

I use crystals and sacred geometry to send you healing, happiness, abundance, better sleep, whatever you need. these will be tailored for you.

$20 路 25 minutes

Past Life Regression Therapy

Past lives sometimes carry over into our current life. Good or bad. This is a session that puts you into hypnosis to take you back to a past life and help heal and learn from it. These sessions are done over the phone as we explore a past life. I send healing modalities to that life and I am also able to send healing mantras to your subconscious before bringing you back to consciousness.

$35 路 1 hour


Kristina Gatewood