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Our Services

Medium Length Haircut
Let's give that hair some shape! Earlobe to Shoulder length. Includes Washing, Shaping, and Blow Dry Style.
Long Hair Haircut
Let's get rid of those dead ends; maybe give that length some movement. Shoulder length and longer. Includes Washing, Shaping and Blow Dry Style.
Short Haircut
Shaggy above the shoulders, to Clippers-on-the-side. Sculpting a shape for your melon. Includes Washing, Shaping, and Rinse.
Head Shave
Bring out the Clippers, all over. Includes Washing, Shaping, Rinse.
Blow Style With Iron
Shampoo, Condition, Blown Dry with a Brush, Set with a Thermal Iron
Blow Style
Shampoo, Conditioner, Blown dry with a Brush.
Haircolor Root Retouch
Keeping a color shade requires maintenance. Color is applied to your roots to match the mid lengths and ends. Includes a Blow Dry Style.
Haircolor Root Retouch With a Haircut
Haircolor is applied to the regrowth of your previous hair color, then Shaped, and Blown Dry
Half Head Foil
Highlights, Lowlights, whatever we put in those Foil Packets...Applied to your head from the ears up. Includes a Blow Dry Style
Half Head Foil With a Haircut
Highlights or Lowlights, wrapped in Foil, from your ears on up. Shaping and a Blow Dry Style is included.
Full Head Foil
Foil Packets, all over your noggin. Highlights, Lowlights, what have you.
Full Head Foil With a Haircut
Five pounds of Foil Packets encompassing your cranium. If you're looking for a drastic change, this will be the process. Includes a Shaping and Blow Dry style.
Root Retouch, with Foil
Haircolor is applied to your regrowth, as well as highlights and/or lowlights in foil packets. Blow Dry Style is included
Root Retouch with Foil and a Haircut
Cover those roots! Add dimension with few foils! Hair is shaped and blown dry.
Color Correction
Bridal Hairstyle Trial
Let's get a vision for your wedding day hair. Please arrive with clean and dry, preferably second day hair. Bring any adornments or your veil if you plan to have one.
Special Occasion Hair
Prom, your Birthday, a Hot Date. Let's do something fun and gorgeous.
Bang Trim
Get that hair out of your eyes!
Children's Haircut
May or may not include a wash and blow dry. Let's just see how we all feel about it.
Brow Shaping
Eyebrow clean-up in the form of hot wax. A super affordable facelift, much quicker recovery time.
Brow Tint and Shape
Create a frame for your eyes, with a little bit of tint, and hot wax.
Lip Wax
Let's just get rid of that.
Not sure what you want to do with your 'do? Book some time to talk it out! Pictures are always welcome.
Malibu Treatment Service
Hard water, Chlorine, Salt water, Hair Product build up, Greasy scalp, but brittle ends? You need a Malibu Treatment! Hair is washed, Treatment is applied, Heat added from the Hood Dryer for 10-20 min. Hair is Washed and Blown Dry.
Malibu Treatment Add-on
Add a Malibu Treatment to any service.
Balayage Highlights
Highlights are freehand painted onto your hair for a custom, sun-kissed look. Includes a blow dry style
Balayage Highlights with a Haircut
Balayage is the art of painting the hair, leaving it looking as though it's been kissed by the sun itself. Shaping and Blow Dry style is included.
Color gloss
Color application to all of the hair. Hair is Washed and Blown Dry.

Our Staff

Stephanie Kuhl