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Custom made and off the rack men's Clothing. Suits, slacks, ties, pocket squares, shirts, jackets and more.
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Our Services

Custom Fitting
We will take measurements and make a custom suit for you.
Pick Up
For clients picking up an item like a custom made suit.
Personal Style Consultation
We'll go over what a proper fit is and why. How to elevating your business casual look, what are the first 5 foundational suits that can be used, what they are and why, how to interject the suits to be used to be used in your business casual or your casual sartorial.
Wedding Style Consultation
Nowadays, most men get a suit that can be used afterward, so it is up to the expertise of the stylists to be able to find the right pattern/palette to have an equally matching Gravitas, and yet be User-friendly afterward! Or the Bride & Groom have decided to go with a more formal look and if that is the case, Not only do we custom make Tuxedos for 30% less than comparable and famous Italian Designers we also offer Frac/Tail or a morning suit in our in-stock program in our wear-house in Mantova Italy!

Our Staff