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Deluxe Pedicure

For starters let the foot soak relax your tired achy feet followed by treatment of cuticles, nails and calluses, if any. Let the gentle exfoliating scrub remove dead skin cell from your legs and feet. A foot and leg massage before a 2 part dip in the paraffin to take your pedi to the next level. This pedi is complete with any of the following: a natural nail buff or polish of your choice. For an addional fee add gel polish or polish strips. It's all up to you!

$70 · 1 hour 40 minutes

Nail Consultation

All new Fusion nail clients must select this for the purpose of finding out your ultimate goal so that I can make the proper recommendation by examining your current nail state.

$15 · 5 minutes

Gel Polish Pedicure

Enjoy a refreshing foot soak, followed by an all natural body scrub handcrafted by Fuego Y Aqua to exfoliate the legs and feet followed by a relaxing leg and foot massage. Use of a professional gel polish systems only. A LED lamp is used to apply gel base coat, 2 coats of your choice of color and your choice of top coat. Yes we have topcoat options. The tacky residue of the top layer is removed then your ready to go. No drill, excessive filling or nail dry time required.

$90 · 1 hour 50 minutes

Princess Polish

For girls ages 12 and under only!

$15 · 15 minutes

Princess Nail Art

For girls ages 12 and under only!

Starting at · 30 minutes

Nail Designs

Starting at · 30 minutes

Gel Polish Manicure

Includes a dry manicure to prep the nail beds to received product. Applies like a polish but wears much longer. Use of a professional gel systems only and uses a LED lamp to cure product. Receive a flawless manicure. No drills or excessive filing or odor. The icing on the cake is an all natural body scrub handcrafted by Fuego Y Aqua to exfoliate the dead skin cells and relaxing hand massage using Fuego Y Aqua's all natural body butter which will leave your skin soft and smooth.

$40 · 35 minutes

Polish Change

$18 · 30 minutes

Paraffin Dip

Dip hands and or feet in warm wax 2-3 times followed by plastic gloves and warm mitts and or booties. Paraffin will encapsulate moisture and relax tired and overworked hands and feet giving them a smoothness and glow you wouldn’t believe! Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself and you be the judge. ☺️

$15 · 30 minutes

CND Luxe Manicure

For women only! Enjoy CND’s Marine Spa manicure system for a luxurious nail bath with oils and minerals that are good for the nails and skin that make the removal of excess cuticles a breeze. Once nails and cuticles have been taken care of on to the exfoliating hand scrub but that's not it. A luminous hand mask in applied to the front and back of hands and then placed in heated mitts to encapsulate all moisture. Your choice of polish to finish it off or you can add on a gel mani or polish strips for a additional fee. Once this manicure is complete your hands will feel like silk.

$38 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Waterless Manicure

For ladies only!

$30 · 45 minutes

Natural Nail Trim & Shape Only!

Does not include nail lacquer.

$16 · 20 minutes

Add Polish Strips

Choose from an assortment of colors, designs, and styles. Order ahead online at or select from what's in stock. No charge if you bring yours that you have purchased directly from my color street website. If purchased from another stylist their will be a $7 fee to apply. If selecting from what's in stock the fee is $15 per applied packet on hands or feet.

$15 · 25 minutes

Princess Pedicure

For girls ages 12 and under only!

$27 · 30 minutes

Add on Gel Polish

Add this to your waterless, luxe, or deluxe manicures for a clean and fresh manicured look for up to 14 days. No drilling, excessive filing or dry time needed. Odorless and gentle on natural nails.

$25 · 35 minutes

Deluxe Manicure

This manicure includes treatment of cuticles and nails being treated followed by a gentle hand scrub. A hand massage with moisturizer to hydrate the hands before a 1 part paraffin dip. Your choice of a natural nail buff, or lacquer. For an additional fee add gel or polish strips. It's all up to you.

$45 · 45 minutes

Add on Bling Nail Designs Starting at

Let's get creative with freestyle nail designs, bling etc. Be advised that $10 is the baseline but depending on the excessiveness of the designs could be more.

10 minutes

Princess Manicure

11.00 $19 · 20 minutes

The Royal Treatment Level 1

Includes a CND luxe pedicure and/ or a gentlemen's manicure/ waterless manicure.

$90 · 1 hour 40 minutes

Detox Pedicure

For men & women. This system is charcoal based which is an old ancient remedy that was used to detoxify the body. This is called my Cadillac pedi. This is the only pedicure service that incorporates a foot and leg scrub and foot and leg massage. The scrub gently removes dead skin cells which softens and refreshes this skin. You’ll also enjoy a charcoal based foot facial that will further invigorate your legs and feet. Your choice of a natural nail buff or polish (many colors to choose from). Gel polish or colorstreet polish strips are also a finishing option for an additional charge (see service menus for costs).

$85 · 1 hour 30 minutes

CND Luxe Pedicure

Enjoy CND’s Marine Spa Pedicure system from beginning to end. Your feet will be soaked in the marine bath to refresh your tired feet followed by care of cuticles & nails and treatment of calluses, if any. Use of the marine foot scrub is used to remove dead skin cells and is followed up by an invigorating menthol cooling foot facial which is sure to make you feel like your driving down the street with your feet out the window. This pedicure includes a natural nail buff or your choice of nail lacquer.

$55 · 1 hour 20 minutes

Gentleman’s Manicure

For men only! NO POLISH!!!!

$35 · 20 minutes


Nichole Bell

Nichole graduated from Elaine Stevens Beauty College in September of 2009. She was a full time Manager for Sherwin Williams while she completed the hours necessary to take State Boards. Nichole has had extensive training in color from Sherwin Williams University. Nichole found that during her time ast Elaine Stevens so much of the terminology and chemistry of nails correlated with her training at Sherwin Williams. She passed her State Board exams to obtain her manicurist license in 2010 and immediately began working in Salon Vibe in the Central West End in Saint Louis. Since then she has continued to go above and beyond to ensure each client experiences maximum results from their personalized services. Her tag line for her business is "Go Ahead Pamper, Yourself! And pamper you she does with excellence! Don't just take my word for it book your appointment today and you will not regret it!