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Reiki, ~1 hour session

Reiki with Master Donna Norris or Master Denise Cooper, approximately 1 hour

$80 ยท 1 hour

Halotherapy - Dry Salt Therapy

10-minute halotherapy booth session with ramp up/down (15 minutes total)

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Relaxation Room - 1 person

Get away from daily stress and anxiety by unwinding in our fabulous Relaxation Room. Your choice of comfy lounging furniture and light/color, sound, and aroma therapies included for a totally personalized, immersive experience.

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Psychic Reading

Psychic reading with Susan Lynn Psychic Medium

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Mediumship & Psychic Combo Reading

Mediumship and psychic combo reading with Susan Lynn Psychic Medium

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VIRTUAL Psychic Reading

No-contact online psychic reading with Susan Lynn Psychic Medium. You will be sent a ZOOM link by Susan before the session starts.

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Sandra Wallace